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Cards Against Humanity 1 Day Shipping looked at me with a strange look, did not seem to understand cards against humanity 1 day shipping why I laughed, and then with some fear, with some carefully asked early summer, you will waiting for me, is it I am happy smile, could not help but reach out and pinch his face, and then winked his nose and scrape together in front of him laughed Yes, fool I will wait for you, what do you worry about I am also cards against humanity 1 day shipping adult, you can make a decision on their own. At that time we can be more courage, more power to face our future ah Early summer He suddenly laughed happily, arms micro force forced me into his arms forced to hold, and then buried in my ear, as before with his face gently back and forth Mosa Zhao my Face, with a little pity honey He sighed softly, exhaled the heat in my ear made my heart shake. Early summer, thank you I will come back, you will have to wait for me, obediently not allowed to find other boys, did not cards against humanity 1 day shipping hear He suddenly pushed me, looked at me seriously , The tone suddenly added to the smell of gunpowder. I laughed and laughed at his mouth, and was sweet and delighted. He was some annoying frowned, unhappy looked at me and said especially that Zhang Yanjun, you are not allowed to be with him.You know you every time in the campus and the street to see you and his walk.s have been covered with white buds, most of them still small bones, not yet bloom, as if shy and timid girl did not dare to open the buds peek out of the same world. The edge of the petals also with some green, gradually transition to the crystal clear white. Some buds have been blooming half, five shiny, white little petals Yingying start, surrounded by a perfect circle, surrounded by the middle has not yet opened the delicate heart. So pure, so white Spotless, white no time I can not help but sigh, the little tip of the nose close to the buds gently smell, intoxicated enjoy this fresh and elegant fragrance. You like this flower Suddenly the questioning in my head suddenly sounded. I was surprised, immediately panic straight up, but did not expect not stand straight, the head will be severely hit a piece of hard objects. Pain I clutching his head, quickly squat down, hard kneading his back of the head. Then I heard the young boy grow up in my head. I looked up and saw him. He is also struggling to rub his chin. Looked at his funny look, puff laugh soon as I laughed out. This time, not pretend to be a lovely smile, but happy laughter. cards against humanity 1 day shipping Because he was really like a funny, eyebrows all wrinkled together, like a clown like. Why did you stand up suddenly He was screaming at m.

ples, students, teachers, school workers in our side through. Looking at those or unfamiliar or familiar faces, I suddenly found one of the most familiar. What s the matter The seniors found that my footsteps suddenly stopped and weirdly asked. Nothing I looked down at the head of the child. In the moment, I would like to withdraw the hand is still tightly held by the students. Should i let it go I still hesitated when the seniors suddenly let go of my hand Seniors I was shocked looking at the seniors How is it like a hell Professor smile, but it was a bit far fetched, a bit sad. We re coming slowly He was hurt by me I know. Raised his face to the face of a pair of people his smile still, next to the girl kissed his arm intimate, from time to time whisper in his ear. At this point, he did not know what to say that the girl was shy with a jealousy hammer him about. Then he found me and seniors. His smiling eyes first surprised a moment, but soon returned to normal. Smiled and nodded to us. Eyes stay in our body for a while and moved back to the girl who. Azi Are you okay Until they walked from our side, I looked into the eyes of seniors sadly. Seniors You should not let go of my hand For a long time, I was faint to say. Ah purple Downstairs someone to find you Dormitory bleating Yang.oarded the big. Let me become the focus of the whole school In the end you and what happened to him How are the strings also pulled into it Said that they are fighting for you two, is not it Dad took the newspaper side curious came to ask. Do not you guess it is not good They are not fighting for me In the face of curious eyes of parents, I said guilty conscience. Are they fighting for me The face of the school a large group of people s curious vision has been enough for me Can not think of home still have to face this vision. I m really fed up Purple children before we meet you chords, you do not like now you have to pay a good boy like Axi, you do not cherish.What do you want in the end ah Woman Before my mother started her slips, I had to catch the backpack and ran out. I ll help you go out and buy a few dishes. Today we have a big meal I ran out of the time I was trying to drag the car out of the younger brother. Hey, you do not have a driver s license, do not spend the whole day on the locomotive, spend more time learning Hush I m gone My brother dragged the locomotive, smiled and waved to me, drove the locomotive away Really I stared at the toys r us cards against humanity shadow of his dust away. Turned around, but ran into a familiar chest. I have a white man and keep moving forward. Azi You also how long ga.m not at home, if you really have a hurry to find me, please be a beep after a message Thank you cards against humanity combos I sat on the couch beside the phone and listened quietly. The first pass message, Purple child You are at home right Murong string sound has never been panic, You have come back Right They are deceiving cards against humanity christmas me You have come back, you come back Listen to my answer, is not it His voice is getting hoarse, that I tell you, I love you, I love you, I love you Crystal tears burst into tears, silently sliding over the cheek, dripping on the back of the hand. The second pass message, purple child I did, I sent you to the final finish.But, no you how I cry You are not, who handed me paper towels, who I cry with me His voice sobbed, and finally gradually silent. I am now looking for you You wait for me I come to you Third pass message, I miss you so much can not help but call, just to listen to your voice Clutching the lower lip, I am afraid that they will cry burst into tears For that fool The fourth pass message, he sadly said, purple children For the feelings, I was not very slow To you is the case, the other less they I even went to the present only to find less on the Ming Hing I finally understand Xiao Yun s heart I have taken over the cause of my father Today, I told them that I did not get marr.

Cards Against Humanity 1 Day Shipping hid in the room or hid in my mother s room soon. Now the housework at home is all born by the young man to bear, so the man as long as the guests come back, they greeted Yang Jie to buy a lot of dishes to entertain guests, often busy her round and round. I always for Yang Jie hold injustice, although the package to eat, but she side to take care of lying in bed mother, while also bear heavy housework, and a month only three hundred dollars, too worthwhile. But Yang Jie heard me for her injustice, but always some Hanhan smile, with their side of the dialect Road, loud voice It does not matter, do not matter Three hundred dollars in the men there is a lot of money, and earn Enough for a year I can go home to buy a big color TV, to give that hole and children look outside the new thing Watching Yang sister look happy to meet the way, I can say what So cards against humanity 1 day shipping I often chat with the simple and straightforward Yang sister, chatting her honest and honest husband, talk about her five year old child, talk about their rural areas, chatting some of the business, but also talk about her previous employer how to wait for her Since they are so good at home, why do not you continue to do it One day I asked her curiously. Because Yang sister s eyes appear little sad, the old lady su. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);

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