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Cards Against Humanity 1st Expansion Card List sleep. I looked at his sleepy face, like a lot, a lot of finally have a decision When I was carrying a suitcase, holding the camera standing in front of the apartment waiting for a taxi. Smoke sister of the car suddenly stopped in front of me. You really here You know Murong woke up and found that you are missing, and quickly panic everywhere to find you He is now home over there, you recently gave me trouble Staring at me. Get on the bus I ll ask you to find him Anyway, I am now anxious to use the car. I bluntly put the trunk into the rear seat of the car, sit in the front seat to go. In fact, there are only a few suits in the suitcase, some important documents, a few photos, passbooks and equipment and Seoul. What are you doing here Smoke school sister looked at the suitcase strangely. So soon moved to Murong home to live She said with a smile. Trouble you to the airport, smoke sister I cards against humanity 1st expansion card list looked at her calmly. What She looked at me. Azi You do not know clearly, I will not take you to the airport Smoke sister, you do not carry me, I can find a taxi myself. Would you stop now Do you tell me, what are you thinking about She provoked Liu Mei and said arrogantly. Or, can you jump Well I took a deep breath and tried to jump. I admit defeat Smoke school sister hurriedly stopped me, raised h.g man respectfully knocked on the door, and then pushed the door, stuck out half of the body said Hao brother, there is a claim to be your sister s little girl said to see you. From the door seems to come a few times frivolous comedy and some people from the coax, it seems that someone said, Hao brother you really bad ah, so soon there is a horse to come to the door Not yet finished as if immediately forbidden sound. My heart burst of disgust, trying to suppress the heart of the kind of disgusting feeling. The young man of the probe seemed to nod and nodded against it, and then came out to open the door and said to me, Go in. I looked at him, took a deep breath, and then resolutely took his footsteps, stepped into the dark room. Snapped the sound of the door behind me gently shut, and I was inexplicable tense up, there is a feeling into the thief nest. It was a big billiard room with two extremely luxurious pool tables in the middle and a huge dedicated lantern on the table. The whole room cards against humanity 1st expansion card list only that dedicated lights lit, so it is very dark. Smoke inside the house, filled with choking nose smoke, I do not consciously frowned, hand fan fan in front of the air, but that smoke has been filled in the whole room, how could the fan out I endured this pungent taste, looked up at the.

t today is such a rare day, is worth celebrating the day Usually there is such a chance Zhang Yanjun conceal his face of excitement, eyes shining in the dark shiny okay. I hesitated nodded, perhaps excitedly dazzled, perhaps by his enthusiasm for infection, actually forgot that there is a person waiting for me. So I made a mistake. When Liu Zhixao that guy like a violent lion rushed in, I and Zhang Yanjun is a snack bar in one of the barbecue restaurant eating barbecue. Because the store is very hot, I will only wear that red dress, cheeks because of the reasons for the barbecue warm, red glowing, his eyes because of the small stove in front of being smoked shiny. At that time, Zhang Yanjun is talking about a funny joke, I presumptuous smile, laugh twist. Liu Zhixao rushed in, just to see my look like this. And when I looked up, I saw his angry want to kill the way, the smile immediately stiff in the face. I remembered the afternoon with him that good, after dinner with him to go home, and I actually forgot. He must be anxious I stand up stiff, just want to say something apology, but he grabbed my bag and jacket, grabbed my wrist and went out to the store. I tried to break free of his clamp, but how can not earn. Wait, what are you doing I am anxious, shouting at him. Go.ont of serious old lady and indifferent man, but also whistle like that I can not think, a burst of rapid footsteps from the outside of the gravel road blowing. It is bang is heard, the living room door was brutally opened. The old lady and the man can not help cards against humanity 90s nostalgia pack but frown, while watching the door. So I saw a soaked threeteen four year old boy, standing at the door whispering straight breath His face is full of sweat sweat, sweat along the forehead, cheeks, neck flowing into his white shirt. That shirt actually can not be called white, the East wiping a touch of stains throughout the body, almost do not see the original color, as if the owner of the shirt just hit the mud in the general roll. Not only black, but also because of sweat soaked and crumpled on his dark skin, even more embarrassed. Under the shirt is a dark trousers, high trousers rolled up until the knee above, but still see the already wet, as if just from the river in general. A pair of slender legs, bare feet with a pair of gray and black shoes, shovel loose half drag on the ground. I thought in my heart, that pair of shoes should have been white it That juvenile left hand carrying a large iron bucket, it seems very heavy look. Because it was anxious, the bucket of water sloshing very badly, splashed the living room flo.igible to be your boyfriend Who is looking for a boyfriend Do not let you nonsense I was very angry for his unfounded assumptions, but he suddenly found his words even more angry. You I am upset, and what happened to you Even if I find a boyfriend, it does not matter to you You are so young, looking for a boyfriend or a good learning it he said indifferently, then turned to appreciate the distant night, no longer care for me. For his indifference, my heart of the anger and Teng s sprang. I rushed forward, grabbed his arm, and turned him with him. And then quickly evacuated the smoke in his mouth, threw himself on the ground bitter, and then raised his head and said to him My things, do not you control My own thing, I can call the shots, even if My mother can not control me Not to mention you, a relationship with me even the blood of the people who do not you Tell you, I just like Zhang Yanjun, Duan Xiao Ming that kind of boy That kind of good, smart, than I have a strong boy Only such a talent with me And you all the days of the guy, the tube with the Breath said so much, sentence Henla, word affection, that is not the usual me. Even before I am angry, will be restrained, will not say so wounding words to. But today Everything is not right today I do not know why.

Cards Against Humanity 1st Expansion Card List phomore boys suddenly open to the challenge of the book, said to be one to one challenge to basketball, an appointment Saturday afternoon after school to see the basketball court. This thing cards against humanity 1st expansion card list immediately in the school pass uproar, almost all people are cards against humanity 1st expansion card list talking about, while curious guess who will win in the end. Some girls are still Liu s ho fans, so convinced he will win. And some girls have defected to a new generation of basketball prince Tan Bo side, so both sides of the troops are not let each other, the fierce maintenance of their idols, only a big fight. While the boys who cards against humanity 1st expansion card list have bet, bet who will win. Most people are betting Tan Bo will win, because Liu Hao, after all, has not played basketball for almost a year. And I was just for this, for his deep concern, this kind of rain to the atmosphere of the floor has been maintained until Saturday afternoon. That day I put aside all the work, put aside all the papers, early to the basketball court. Did not think this has been crowded, and many people climb the playground side of the experimental building in high view. That Tan Bo really as rumors and tall and handsome, and Liu cards against humanity pixelated b Zhihao comparable. But for basketball, he is more love than Liu Zhixao, more skilled, and more handy, Moreover, Liu has not played basketball for a long time, an.t and pecked Buy cards against humanity Now! my brow, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, my forehead until the whole face so that he kissed him, he looked up and looked at me, eyes laugh Translate I gently said to him promised me, do not go tonight, even for me He looked at me with focus, for a long time, until I could not help but say that he was nodded and said Well, I promise you. Really I was pleasantly surprised. Well, he nodded again, did not want to join them, but afraid they are against you So you are for us for your father and Liu and me, is it I looked at him sadly, know why he was forced to join the triad, why do not he must go. That he was scruples of us So he did it just to protect us You are silly I light hammer chest, his face buried in his generous warm chest, a burst of unspeakable sour. Suddenly I looked up and hurriedly asked him What do you want to do They will not let you He looked at me, eyes some sorrow, but more of a firm. I will leave here, completely leave, let them no longer find me If they already know that I have been away from here, naturally will not find your trouble, because it is useless to use your threat Then he And gently looked at me, for my ears around the ear of the hair In the early summer, I just can not let you I go.

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