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Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack ickly smiled and closed his mouth. He will join the basketball club, because one day he suddenly asked me and chubby, what can most attract the attention of girls and eyes Xiaofei continued Road. That guy, the original in order to attract the attention of the girls I suddenly felt some anger, mixed with some sour. However, Xiao Fei and chubby brother shook his head. Xiao Fei continued He did not care about the eyes of other girls, he cares only a girl s eyes only.He hoped that the girls can only invest in student work, what literature, what table tennis on the eyes, And then he told him that the most attractive girls look better than playing basketball and playing football, so he chose the basketball club, all day long hard practice, make up their own slightly worse Foundation. But, but that time, he went home with me every day I, how did I not see him hard to practice I heard that Xiaofei said, I have guessed why Liu Zhixao want to play basketball. But the heart is still puzzled, obviously did not see how he practiced Well. Ah it is because he often skipping to practice the ball. Xiaofei suddenly chuckle a cry. That rascal I am helpless to close your eyes, you know he will But, he said, that guy is practicing every night I heard, shocked eyes wide open. Do you think he s going o.ngry on the fifth floor of the sophomore year, found the guy where the class sophomore four classes, and then rushed into the classroom. The classroom sat in twos and threes some students, but there is no guy that Liu Zhihao shadow. From the beginning of this semester, the school stipulates that the first grade of the first year of high school should be on the evening of study, seven o clock at the end of nine, so Liu s guy that afternoon can not go home. where is he Where is he I am like a group of burning flames of fire, in the sophomore year corridor running back and forth, looking for his shadow everywhere. Seven on the study, now has half past six, this guy how not to come I was anxious to go downstairs to find, eyes but caught a glimpse of chubby brother from the toilet out. Chubby brother, I loudly call him, Liu Zhixao guy where I heard my name is called Liu Zhihao, next to a few girls immediately squint look at me, Bacheng that I also worship that guy one of the guards. Ah chubby brother Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack simple and humble touched the head, slightly miserable I did not see him, but you can go to the top floor rooftop looking to see His words have not finished, I can not wait to rush up the stairs. Open the door to the rooftop of the door, a chill blowing, I tightened the collar.

ked up, greeted the eyes of a bend was invited to invite the dance action, smile a look of bright Murong string How could he be How is this going My head is blank, only Leng Leng let him pull me into the dance floor. He put my hand on my bare shoulder, and the scorching temperature came from my palm to my shoulder. One hand and light on my waist, let me follow his dance unconscious shaking his body. I looked up at his gentle eye, the first time he found that he was so much high, my head was just to his chin and Seoul. Everything in a dream, but the warmth of the shoulders again and again remind me that this is not a dream I was in his arms feel his taste, his warmth, his breath Why I asked softly, afraid of a little bit will break the dream. I and you do for so many years of students, in love you and I jump is not a difficult task for you And He was a low smile, for you You know that guy is so popular Want to dance with him probably accounted for two thirds of the girls, I can refuse to do so. Refused, but can not refuse enough for me to jump off the leg tonight He sighed, Fang Shao guy that really can find a way to torture me So I now Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack come to you to discuss some people dance Not too much That s why Is this the reason for her to invite you The She thought that dance is one of the con.out of the courtyard You do not call I want to die nausea ah That kind of vicious look like a child would like to beat people. I also rolled his eyes, that the hospital is his good friend and brother of the chubby brother and small flying. That several times the cat is called their contact, both can let Liu Zhijao know, but also can not be found by adults, and then to find an excuse to sneak out to play. However, chubby brother and small fly to imitate the ability of the cat is also too strong Actually able to imitate to that cards against humanity pack 6 extent, every time I can and Liu Zhi from a goose bumps. Come on, catch the fish to go Liu Zhihao stared Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack at the wall, turned and rushed me. I looked down at the hands of the kettle and shovel, Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack shook his head No, I have to weed, watering, no time to play. He threw the hands of my kettle and flower shovel thrown to the ground, the first did not go back to me and ran, ran and said Those things, so come back to do I had to bite the bullet and ran out of the yard, and so confluent outside the wall chubby brother and small fly, we will go to the alley behind. Liu Jiaxiang had been cards against humanity jew pack in the suburbs, not far from the mountains after the mountains, a river and a few streams, and a glance of the green fields. Here, there is not the original natural pollution of the., that is, you have been making me cry I said like spoiled. Well I am not good Do not cry He gently wiped my tears, pulled me to the bedside. Do not cry Cry my heart is broken But I still kept crying, crying can not clean up Is it possible Before my lacrimal glands how can such a well developed ah All because of him Do you know He opened the bedside drawer and took out my four thick diaries. I ll take it out at once from time to time How can you peek This is my diary yeah I am blushing. The thought that he has put some of these diary things are familiar, I feel very shame. I have all my feelings are no cover to write up ah The I am not peeping, I am looking at it He said shamelessly. Through a few diaries, I understand how deep you are to me, and I feel that I am more of a foolless man who is in the past two years. Through these diaries I have revisited our Love. He smiled and Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack said, causing me more tears. Do not cry I think I still have something that has not yet returned to you What I looked at him with his hazy tears. Do I have anything to stay with you Of course there is such a thing I have saved you for two years now and now it is time you get back He looked at me mysteriously, smiled and said. Two years ago I did not come back, how could there be something to stay with him It wa.

Cards Against Humanity: 2013 Holiday Pack water and my eyes, once he also laughed at me published these professional long story. It s really hard to hear that The moderator smiled and asked, why did you name it the Aster and why would you think of building it Aster The My heart trembled again. Murong chun looked at the host for a long time until the host thought he did not want to answer, he was hanging down and said, because it is my favorite person s dream of a home blueprint, so I made it out, Built and named after her. Unfortunately, I believe we are very interested in who you want to know this person Moderator said with interest, because Mr. Murong is also one of the top ten gold bachelor, there are many female admirers, but never seen You are so close to any one of the women, so everyone is very curious about your love Finally, the host also jokingly asked, You should not tell me this person is your mother She The host said with a smile, It seems that tonight there will be a lot of broken heart Oh She is your girlfriend I want to be your girlfriend must be very happy Aster s architectural design is very romantic, Mr. Murong is also a romantic Of the people I was not romantic, but it was still very slow, so she was not happy cards against humanity new game at all. She had paid for me, but I had no feeling. I had to admit that I was a slow man. She me lift his face to look at him, and then a look of evil smile. But no, I just heard you happy groaning. What kind of equipment you installed Installed a pair of holy like to see who In fact, your bones are like me on you, right Pooh I spit him spit, angry to be added, you this beast, shit, demons, the next three abuse, scum I use all the words I want to call him, completely angry. Not because he humiliated me, but because he spoke of my sore. Yes, I am having a reaction I can not help but groan So I hated myself Hated the body Damn it, why should it react Why do not you give me a little only dignity why The I am crying without tears. Take it. The demon let go of me and throw me something. I have not seen anything, because for me now, anything is no longer important. He said I do not take, so the thing picked up to my chest, gently laughing This is a contraceptive, you can not get pregnant.I think you do not want a big belly, right Watching him presumptuous and evil smile, I really want to throw this thing to his face, destroyed his hateful laugh. No, I d like to kill him More want to kill him This devil That day, I dragged the exhausted body, step by step moved back home. Mother had to sleep, that man did not go home that night, only Yang sister has been waiting for m.

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