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Cards Against Humanity 2016 e Once Duan Xiaoming and Lufthansa have asked me, then I can not tell why come Now think about it, probably for my mother, but also for thousands of millions of my mother so suffering from tortured people it I want to use their own hands to save them, help them get back to health, retrieve happiness and happiness. Mother finished the last time after surgery, they thoroughly home to cultivate. The doctor said that a short period of time will no longer surgery, her body has been unable to withstand another operation. If lucky, she can live for another year, but if the cancer cells spread quickly, perhaps only for three months. I have forgotten how I heard the words of the doctor after the reaction, and my heart is thinking about what. I just blankly walked back to the ward, blankly looked at the bed sleeping mother, so looked at her, motionless Until the evening comes, until the sunset will be my shadow long cast in the ward light can be Kam on the floor After the mother came home to practice, I will go home early every day, chat with her, feed her to eat what she wants to eat. Of course, she has now eaten a lot of things, basically can only eat some liquid food, so I always put those things she wanted to grind into powder, cards against humanity 2016 squeezed juice into her mouth. And she, like a.of the hospital to wake up, it is already three months later. A kindly middle aged woman touched my head and said to me, she was my aunt, she came to pick me up. I looked at her, blankly, did not rush to hold her, just as blankly looked at her. And she, but again and again touched my head, silent tears. Why should she shed tears Is it tears for me But I m fine Why should I shed tears for me Then the doctor told me that I was stimulated, got a disease, a temporary will be forgotten before all the disease. But he said, I would get better, maybe someday suddenly remembered everything. But I do not care yet. Can not think of it, I have no matter what. A few days later, my aunt took me to a strange and serious place. She said it was court, she said the judge asked me some questions. However, she said it does not matter, I think of it to answer, can not remember even if the. So in that court, I was put into a special seat. I sat a lot of people, I do not know. But why, the front of the kind of old lady, there are a few men around her, women want to look at me with the kind of hatred look As if I could not wait for me to swallow the same. But I did not know them, but did not offend them Ah, there is that corner of the middle aged woman, why in her next man s arms cry so sad it That pear te.

of the man, right So this time you are cards against humanity 90s pdf responsible for the interview this year, the four princes of the campus Maybe you will do Smoke school sister full of deep meaning Eyes looked at me uncomfortable. No I, seniors, Wen Ling coincidentally said. Protest is invalid Hey, just been angry to death Now go back to a good sleep Oh smoke sister walked out of the school room. Smoke sister I hurriedly stopped her, went to her side. Since the Murong string their three heart, you and Murong string and the relationship between the task in addition to who you still ah Do not call you before you and A Xi is not stable, but now you are also very good Smoke school sister in my ear quietly finished and said loudly, In short, I as a president to warn you.If you do not try to complete the task, I will you expelled from the school department What is the relationship What emotional stability What kind of smelly school sister in the end to understand how much ah But also threatened to expel me Really I stood in front of the student s office stare at the door saw a full half an hour, and finally helpless raised his hand knock on the door. Come in A gentle voice sounded. I carefully opened the door, only to see the huge office, only one person is working hard. Suddenly he looked up and looked at me. This s.swings is so big, so how can you look at me and how can I not know Hair loss said. I m sorry I faint faintly. Do not say sorry I know you can not accept me for a moment, but there is still a year, you use this year to think about it. I will wait for you in W No matter what your answer is, I have I hope you admitted to the big W told me Ok Seniors bent down my eyes, gentle said. If then I have no answer I want to forget the Murong chan a year to accept the seniors easier said than done The I am afraid of exhausting my life can not give a satisfactory answer to the seniors. I will wait As long as I know I still hope I will wait He let me, smiled. It s not easy to meet one s own, but I think you are actually part of me, after all, we are very similar. Seniors Do not say I just want you to know that if you want to fly, I ll be with you Okay Let s go Let s go, or they ll boo I looked at the hand cards against humanity latest expansion of the student to me, I shook my head, No, I would like to stay for a while You go first After all, you are one of the protagonists tonight. Well, you remember to come down Or stay here tonight in my room The seniors winked at me ambiguous. Looking at the long school students disappeared in sight, I was really relieved, and then fell into meditation. Can I really accept seniors Can i really forge.s of nature. I m not talking He did not listen to it He excused me into my arms. Murong, everyone cried Why do I cry cards against humanity 2016 out Leaning against his chest, I faint asked. I do not cry, it does not mean you are not sad, because everyone is sad, he said, I do not cry. The way is different.You do not cry, but we all see your heart in the levy.Compared to we cry these people, you are more sad than we all of these people look in the eyes, so also More worried about you, more distressed you cry is a way we release sad, and you do not cry just to hide the sadness in the heart, so no more pain He stroked my face said. Looking at him, listening to his words, I felt my eyes began to wet. Once I asked you, if you like Hing, how would you do You said, you will be strong to accompany them to finish the last way Purple child, you do it You really do it He sighed Road. Cry, I know you You want you do not cry, you strong and strong, cards against humanity best then your parents will have to feel at ease.However, you are so that they do not feel at ease. Is their baby daughter, they want to see is your happy face, and not you want to cry the face.If they see you now look like this I think they will spoil the touch of your Head said, child crying We will be here with you Very strange His last sentence, listen to my ears really like my f.

Cards Against Humanity 2016 they saw the strange young man with his father sitting in the living room while drinking something happily said something. I m back. I looked at them indifferently, took the shoes off the foyer, and walked straight into my room. Now I see the man even the father are disdain cards against humanity 2016 crying, often just look at him a cold and turned away. Although he can see that because of my cold and disdain and angry, but he is not a good attack, after all, he is sorry my mother first, but also the mother in the pain regardless of the post, he has what qualifications let me call him Father Maybe even he cards against humanity 2016 knows it does not deserve it So when faced with me as much as possible not with me, perhaps afraid to see me cold and full of hatred of the eyes of it Early summer I just want to enter the door, the man suddenly stopped me. Come and come, he waved at me and looked into the drunken look, and his eyes were blurred and wandered. I bite my teeth, standing there for a while, only to force myself to go past. Although I hate him, but can not be too obvious, after all, he is still my food and clothing parents, I have to rely on him to continue to complete my studies. Early summer, this, this is your other brother He obviously drank high, even the tongue are some knotted, but he was grinning for me to, if he did not catch me, I may have fallen to the body has been broken. My heart smiles, sweet feeling instantly Chung up. But the next moment, I found our posture ambiguous, right, ambiguous But then I did not know what words to describe the feeling. Because he was wearing a short sleeved shirt, black trousers uniforms, and I also wear skirts uniforms, so are very cards against humanity 2016 thin. I can really feel his chest hot body temperature, burning my skin behind, and even feel his heart like a thunder. My face is red, and the red is soaked, even the ear is also burned very hot. I got up from him and sat down and did not dare to watch him. He also slowly sat up, rubbing his knees hurt the chest, did not speak. I tried to suppress his own rapid breathing, while he was looking at me, I secretly glanced at him and found his face was red again. Well, this is even the next level, the original is not a blush of me Fool He scolded a low, quickly climbed up, stretched out a hand to me. I grabbed his hand, pulled him up, but stood still, some at a loss He lifted the poor car, checked it, and was not damaged. Come on, go home He looked back at me, his tone was not used to care or disdain, but a strange gentle. Come here today, anyway, you almost learned soon. It is estimated that two days later, you ca.

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