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Cards Against Humanity 3rd Expansion Pack ool I knew he was sure to cry in my room with a bag of paper towels They may not understand, but I understand He said he had been accustomed to me when he was sad to send him a paper towel Azi Wen Ling distressed looking at crying gas is not breath to me. So you should go to find the fool you love, you know Azi Kouliu Leng looked at my sincere said. From the text of the family after leaving, I returned to his home, cards against humanity first expansion found that they have been able to calmly face the empty, has lost the warm and happy home Then I went to the house of the Murong string. Standing in front of his house for a long time, I took a deep breath, pressed the doorbell Who ah Murong aunt came to open the door with a smile, when she saw the door is me, she stared, eyes suddenly stunned Then blink of an eye fainted Murong aunt You okay I hurried to her on the sofa, patted her face. Panic looked around looking for personal help, but the original room only Murong aunt alone. What should I do I bit my lower lip, anxious to think. And then rummage around, and finally found me a bottle of wind oil. I wiped some light on the front of the nose of Murong aunt and the temple. Purple children Murong aunt You wake up Murder aunt slowly woke up, looked frightened at the foot of the scale of me, again and again back. Murong aunt.wers said to me, oops early summer, the yard or you take care of so okay. Whenever I think so, the mouth can not help but hold in cards against humanity instructions a shallow smile. I hope he is so, but the reason and tell me that he can not come back Long brother who have not given up, but also from time to time in the alley will appear, he came back from the cast In this way, in the contradiction of hope and suffering in the past half a month spent. I am more diligent to take care of the yard, give them watering, weeding, fat, pruning, just want him to come back to see a more green, bee butterfly group of beautiful gardens. This is our common guardian of the yard, these flowers are our common guardian of the baby, watching them flourish, watching them vibrant, it seems to symbolize the maintenance between us even more firmly and more closely. After dinner this day, I was in the yard pick open the dense gardenia, this year seems to be particularly strong, from the end of May has been open to July, flowering is also very long. Bored when I will use the line to blossoming flowers in full bloom, made of a garland in the head. Mother always see after the light laugh, so big also so silly And I always rushed her to make a grin, I just like so silly Yes, I like gardenia, like to take them, let the kind of fresh fragrance e.

ome classes, on the ten o clock to put. Liu Zhihao side of the shoes, one side if nothing had said. God Why are you going to lie But also so that the face does not change color lie Your father already knows what you are playing truant I was in the heart of his anxious. If not I have known in advance that he was playing truant, but also by his calm and if nothing had to cheat, I was more in his heart, What class did that day cards against humanity 3rd expansion pack make up His father still asked quietly. Mathematics. Liu is still simply answer. His beast His father suddenly burst into a drink, the cigarette butts lost, came to grabbed Liu s ho collar, ferocious staring at him dare to lie to me wings long hard is not even Laozi dare cheat you say, where these two days to go foolish Liu Zhihao s head hanging down, I can not see his face, I have been nervous to breathe, but he was so calm, silent standing there. You can not say that His father clutched his clothes more, forcing him to rise. Liu Zhihao looked up at his father, muffled replied no where Where did he go His father cheered his bell like eyes and said, Where did he go to play for three days He raised his hand and raised his hand to his head. Liu Zhihao was the palm of the hand threw himself to the ground, the head also hit the coffee table almost several corn.m not at home, if you really have a hurry to find me, please be a beep after a message Thank you I sat on the couch beside the phone and listened quietly. The first pass message, Purple child You are at home right Murong string sound has never been panic, You have come back Right They are deceiving me You have come back, you come back Listen to my answer, is not it His voice is getting hoarse, that I tell you, I love you, I love you, I love you Crystal tears burst into tears, silently sliding over the cheek, dripping on the back of the hand. The second pass message, purple child I did, I sent you to the final finish.But, no you how I cry You are not, who handed me paper towels, who I cry with me His voice sobbed, and finally gradually silent. I am now looking for you You wait for me I come to you Third pass message, I miss cards against humanity 3rd expansion pack you so much can not help but call, just to listen to your voice Clutching the lower lip, I am afraid that they will cry burst into tears For that fool The fourth pass message, he sadly said, purple children For the feelings, I was not very slow To you is the case, the other less they I even went to the present only to find less on the Ming Hing I finally understand Xiao Yun s heart I have taken over the cause of my father Today, I told them that I did not get marr., you do not be afraid I am a man, not a ghost You see I have a chin cards against humanity 3rd expansion pack I touched his chin, slowly approached her. You are really human She looked at me suspiciously, the frightening of the eyes did not fade away. I do not believe you touch I went to her side to pull her hand. You are really purple child Exposure to the temperature of my cards against humanity 3rd expansion pack palm, she trembled and touched my face, the eyes of the panic became incredible, and then gradually panic tears. Really is purple children You are purple children She excitedly holding me, crying up. Auntie, do not do this Do not cry I softly comfort Road, once again 2 years ago, their own decisions feel regret I really hurt a lot of people who love me Purple children She suddenly let go of cards against humanity 3rd expansion pack me, Why do not you die You obviously I slowly told her the truth of the matter, after listening to her for a long time did not return to God, but murmured the sigh God God But still thank God Tell you as soon as possible you are still alive Murong aunt back to God after the staggering came to the phone next to the phone. Do not I press the phone, a look of resolute Purple children Murong aunt surprised E looked at me, Why not tell the string I do not know how to face him I know he changed greatly after my death, but also I speak incoherent. In fact, I do not understa.

Cards Against Humanity 3rd Expansion Pack //$a = explode(\".\", $txt1); //按点号分?micircle Azi smoke sister s mouth Zhang and together. Moreover, in the country of love that person did not do love deserters I ridicule lift lift lift the mouth, even if the powerful smoke sister you have such a time I now leave to me and he is good Smoke school sister at once plug it Because I said to her sore Quiet air flowing in the car, the two did not speak again, it has continued until the arrival of the airport door. No matter how I advise you are useless, right You want to take care When are you going to come back Will you contact us Her beautiful face is full of reluctance. In fact, I have been thinking that cards against humanity live your soul is always wandering, so you are very free and easy for everything from your photos, you have long wanted to drift in the wind outside the wonderful world, but you still stay Is it that he is stuck with your flight I do not want him, you will be free and easy, live more exciting But today you really want to fly My body because of her stiff stiff, then smiled at her, denied the meaning of words. She sighed, Azi, do not contact too much meaning At least let us know your situation ah I just laughed and left a gentle farewell kiss on her face. You learn to say goodbye to me, and ask them to forgive me for not saying good to take care Then I put the luggage head did.

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