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Cards Against Humanity 90s et me lift his face to look cards against humanity 90s at him, and then a look of evil smile. But no, I just heard you happy groaning. What kind of equipment you installed Installed a pair of holy like to see who In fact, your bones are like me on you, right Pooh I spit him spit, angry to be added, you this beast, shit, demons, the next three abuse, scum I use all the words I want to call him, completely angry. Not because he humiliated me, but because he spoke of my sore. Yes, I am having a reaction I can not help but groan So I hated myself Hated the body Damn it, why should it react Why do not you give me a little only dignity why The I am crying without tears. Take it. The demon let go of me and throw me something. I have not seen anything, because for me now, anything is no longer important. He said I do not take, so the thing picked up to my chest, gently laughing This is a contraceptive, you can not get pregnant.I think you do not want a big belly, right Watching him presumptuous and evil smile, I really want to throw this thing to his face, destroyed his hateful laugh. No, I d like to kill him More want to kill him This devil That day, I dragged the exhausted body, step by step moved back home. Mother had to sleep, that man did not go home that night, only Yang sister has been waiting for m.mother will really be mad. And I will be in a crowd of condemnation and verbal sound, in the crowd s despicable and sympathetic eyes, embarrassing day. Moreover, I do not want to be an unmarried mother, but do not want such a child. Eleven In this way, I live this painful and seemingly have been insensitive days. Every night I almost always do nightmares, dreams are sometimes beast beast bite, sometimes by the devil entangled, but in the end they will turn into Liu Zhigui look to me. And then I will wake up, a cold sweat, the pajamas are soaked. This night, I did the same nightmare, woke up and found himself a sweat. I licked my lips and found myself thirsty. Take a look at the table at night. So I got out of bed to the living room to find water to drink. Just rooster teeth 8 bit salute cards against humanity pour a glass of water, is ready to leave. But suddenly heard a few times a slight moan, I do not know from where came. I stopped and kept listening. Sure enough, some people moaning, but also with a rapid breathing. It seems that the voice of Yang sister, is she sick I immediately worried about the door came to Yang Jie, found the door did not close, only opened a seam, the sound is coming from the inside. I looked at it and was stunned There, that dim light, that bed cards against humanity shop Naked two pictures together. The man crawled on the wom.

t of violent fist swirl down, dense and violent fist play that young people do not even have the opportunity to fight back. It was not long before the young man s screams were heard, and he heard his low and broken plea and plea. Do not fight I, I am responsible for I am responsible for I will send her to the hospital, beg you do not fight That young people crying with tears, let me doubt he is not really cards against humanity science pack cry The To tell the truth I really sympathize with him, although he should not hit the people wanted to run, but also not the crime. Do not fight I bite the teeth to hold back the pain, Chong Liu Hao that guy Road. No sound, but enough to let him hear. He turned around and looked at me in the dark, and it stopped. He put the young one to cards against humanity 90s mention, twisted to me in front of a boss ordered the little brother s tone apologize That young head down, curled up the body, cover your own abdomen and chest, a poor look like. Hurry Liu Zhihao indifferent to his legs kicked his foot, impatient urging. Yes, sorry That young people quickly shrink a body, like a small daughter in law dodge a bit wronged Road. After that young man with a motorcycle carrying me to a recent hospital, Liu Zhihao riding a car with the next. In the doctor with alcohol cotton swab to clean.victims, he was all the people stay Do not eat or drink sitting at the airport for two days, who did not listen to advice, the police did not drive away, just murmured you will come back Finally, Big, I said to him, you are dead, never come back He grabbed my collar to my roar, said I lie, and then Then they two people in the airport fiercely dry one Finally, Fang Shaoyi carrying a wounded Murong string out of the airport Wen Ling holding my hand said. I said he was not familiar with each other for a long time, but really dry rack is the first time that guy s fist is really quasi ruthless Kouliu smiled and said. Then I looked at the tears of tears. I really do not know If I knew that would happen, I would not have gone to Norway the next day I will come back, I will come back Then he is like an uncle aunt died when you do not cry do not speak.When we worry about death Until one day he inexplicably rushed to your apartment, locked himself in your room all day and night. When we were ready to hit the door, he came out, very calm, nothing happened, except for his cards against humanity 90s pair of swollen eyes and messy paper towels in the room, and since then he began to eat, speak, and calm But after the funeral he became the appearance of this now Silly I cards against humanity 90s broke down in tears, only choked to say. He is really f.ery strong. Although the season has been over, but the branches are sporadic and open a few white flowers, exudes a pleasant fragrance, surrounded by me and him. He looked at the potted flower, some at a loss. I smiled and pointed to a white card hanging from a branch and said to him This card has something I want to say to you. He startled Zhengzheng, and then hesitated a moment, only slowly raised his handcuffed hands, trembling into the card before the card, slowly open it. I know that there are four neat little characters I wrote with a black pen I ll wait for you. No He suddenly excited, throwing the card, shook his head desperately. Do not you like this, do not be so I m not worth I m not worth it No, you deserve it. I looked at him with a smile and had expected him to have such a reaction. I have decided, and will not waver. Fool You are a fool He trembled and looked at me sadly, there are five years, a full five years your good youth Fool, I chuckled him, as in the past Jiao Chen called him, I know ah but my happiness in your hands, in other places I can not find ah So, had to wait You I laughed, like back to seven or eight years ago. Fool fool He is still scolded me low, but the eyes have been clear with the crystal tea.

Cards Against Humanity 90s long The I am worried cards against humanity 90s that he only to the top of the top notch, not to the horizontal development trend, sooner or later let him become a real bamboo And Liu is still playing basketball, and became the main school team. He is still the girls often talk about the object, is still their worship of cool and handsome basketball prince. Sometimes, I will go to the basketball court to see him play. But are usually hidden in the many girls, be careful not to let him find. And then quietly appreciate his vigorous figure, dedicated look, beautiful shooting action and that never give up the stubborn child I thought I would keep this lukewarm relationship with him until we all grow up. But I was wrong. That happened to have become a fuse. That day is February 14, is the Western Valentine s Day. This festival is only in recent years into the country, and soon in the young people in the rapid popular. The reason for him, but because the festival is very romantic, than the Chinese Tanabata Festival seems to be more romantic, it gives a lot of first fall into the first boys and girls who can confess and date. That day, I received three love letters. One is a class next to the class called Lin Fei s boy wrote, write some clumsy, some rough, but very sincere. For him, I do not have any impres.ess. No matter how I advised, how dawn to righteousness, or simply shouting at him directly, furious with his fist his back, but he still his own way, even the car ride faster, scared I had to Clinging to him, so as not to be dumped by the car, that would be even worse In this way, always all the way roar all the way called, and finally I still arrived safely school. At the school gate, he is always a brakes, stopped in the middle of the road, attracted many students curious eyes. This time, I always feel very shame, rushed out of the car, looking around the students did not know, the mood was slightly calm down. And he, always blowing a whistle, the car pedal, in the school crowd quickly disappeared, even goodbye not say it. And I, always staring at his back, secretly curse a few words, this hurried ran into school. Less than a few days, the class students already know that these two days have a handsome school of other schools, cool boys in the shuttle to me. We talked about, looked at my eyes have become weird and unnatural up. I feel so annoyed, my good girl and good student image is necessary to be destroyed once But I can not explain to them, I can not stand up against the class announced that the man is just my brother it Well this is what the world, only the fifth grade, it h.

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