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Cards Against Humanity All Cards rk photos of the cards against humanity all cards photo. Would you cards against humanity all cards think smoky Several boys rushed in and asked. She just ran in and ran out It s all about you, and it s all about you, and it s good to say that today is a date with me, and you just ran out and stirred it. It s not your fault Do you think about thinking smoke will take a fancy to you What are you kid Do not quarrel You should first find out Listening to the noise farther and farther, I smiled and said, You do not come out Azi, I love you Ha Call me smoke, is not dead Yan it Smoke school sister came out to kiss me. I looked at her laughing. Smoke sister, you have recently seen seniors Ah Xi ah When his summer vacation is not happy and you go to Huangshan tourism photography Your travels and works do not give a travel magazine to use it I always feel that the recent seniors are a bit weird. When you go to Huangshan is not what happened ah For example, the feelings of the two of you suddenly jumped into the sky Smoke school doctor Datailielie lying on the table, looked at me with great interest. Do not make jokes Who says I m kidding Do you think A Xi is not good This sentence is a bit familiar, as if anyone said something similar. Master is very good But It s fine on it She squinted and stretched out, and put on a serious look at me. In fact, one, just feel like the heart is what the hand to the severely grabbed, very painful, very tight hard to die When he found out, I had come to him and saw a trace of blood like a tall, swollen face and a right hand. Do not come He yelled loudly, a wave, pushed me down to the ground, while overturned his face hidden in the dark. I never thought he would suddenly push me, so staggered a few steps down on the ground. I cried out, he seems to have some can not bear to look at me here, but in the dark I can not see his face expression. He seemed angrily shaking his head, with some anxious You go, do not worry me I sat on the ground did not move, nose, an acid tears will blur the eyes. How can i no matter you we, we go to the hospital I heard my low pumping sound, he did not speak did not move, separated for a while before slowly climbing from the ground, sneer Well, who wants to go to that kind of place What is this small injury Having tried to drag his foot to his car. I immediately get up from the ground, want to go to help him, and he was vigorously waved. Go away he was like a beast like roar, but never let me see his face. That night, he slowly ride home, and replaced by my silence with him behind. After he came home from the other door sneak into his room.

t today is such a rare day, is worth celebrating the day Usually there is such a chance Zhang Yanjun conceal his face of excitement, eyes shining in the dark shiny okay. I hesitated nodded, perhaps excitedly dazzled, perhaps by his enthusiasm for infection, actually forgot that there is a person waiting for me. So I made a mistake. When Liu Zhixao that guy like a violent lion rushed in, I and Zhang Yanjun is a snack bar in one of the barbecue restaurant eating barbecue. Because the store is very hot, I will only wear that red dress, cheeks because of the reasons for the barbecue warm, red glowing, his eyes because of the small stove in front of being smoked shiny. At that time, Zhang Yanjun is talking about a funny joke, I presumptuous smile, laugh twist. Liu Zhixao rushed in, just to see my look like this. And when I looked up, I saw his angry want to kill the way, the smile immediately stiff in the face. I remembered the afternoon with him that good, after dinner with him to go home, and I actually forgot. He must be anxious I stand up stiff, just want to say something apology, but he grabbed my bag and jacket, grabbed my wrist and went out to the store. I tried to break free of his clamp, but how can not earn. Wait, what are you doing I am anxious, shouting at him. Go.s, eyebrows high to provoke, eyes staring like a bell, faint light in his eyes flashing. He bite his teeth, seems to be looking for wording, but finally ruthless like seduce a small boy A moment like a kind of heavy severely hit the chest, I can not move, and even breathing are stopped. Mind like a blasted flowers, a blank, nothing can not remember. We stood so quietly in the cards against humanity all cards cold, do not know how long, until I can breathe, the brain can think again. I did not want to, I raised his hand and severely fan him a slap in the face. Snapped crisp sound, in this deserted streets is particularly clear and loud. This scene, just to check out Zhang Yanjun see, he immediately stupid. He thought I was bullied, did not expect to look out actually I was playing in his ears. He did not know the relationship between me and Liu Zhihao, so still do not know the situation he had to stand next to quietly. The whole street was cold and clear, empty, without a trace of sound, only to hear my heavy breathing. But also a burst of cold wind blowing, my face a cold, I was shocked that I do not know when I have burst into tears. And Liu Zhihao micro side of the head, did not move, slightly hair cover his eyes and most of the face, I can not see his face expression, Moreover, my eyes have long been a blur He ra.white smoke, his face becomes slightly blurred, in the last ray of sunset even have a very decadent beauty Damn I actually think he is beautiful He squinted at me, slightly head down, Oh laughed and said how to come to them to discuss justice Tone with a consistent disdain. He looked oblique look, so I simply can not stand As if a thorn, straight cards against humanity expansion 3 pdf to my heart. Why do you fight them, where are they messing with you I clenched his fists and waved at him like a tiger with claws. Puchi Xiao Fei suddenly laughed and blinked at me and said In the early summer, you look like a tigress. I am slightly stunned. Xiaofei smile to ease the scene of the rage of the atmosphere, but did not calm my heart of the anger. Who said I hit them They said Well, it seems I overestimate them, two no daring guy He took a deep breath, in the smoke slightly squinting at me I just made a duel with them, they promised Immediately, I shook my head at once. How pyx-2 cards against humanity could they promise you this request, do you think everyone is so fond of you He used the index finger and middle finger sandwiched, looked up to see the last sunset sunset, and then slowly overturned spit smoked and said Well I told them, since dare to write love letters, they should have the courage to accept the challenge. Won me, are el.

Cards Against Humanity All Cards the door closed. I stood there blankly, looking at his closed door, tears again surging out. After the day, he did not learn because of this lesson, but more unscrupulous truancy, and even smoking, drinking, cards against humanity 6th expansion spoiler gambling, fighting, making trouble what are dry Just a little fry with the street is no different He has changed, completely changed a person No longer I am familiar with the Liu Zhihao, is no longer that day all want to play, all day mischief, all day whipping whisper with disdain look to see your big boy. The yard of flowers, he never managed, and even look are too lazy to see them one. Neighbors of the dog yellow and black, he usually likes to play with them, and now see them actually as if nothing, even touch are too lazy to touch them. Causing the two dogs to shake the tail like a rattle, Hachi, Ha Chi followed him to run, with poor eyes looked at him begging, and he did not look back after they look cards against humanity all cards at one. Every year at this time, he will secretly take off the fresh gardenia on the white porcelain plate on my desk. But now, I can not see that lovely little porcelain plate and the flowers in full bloom. Every day back home, cards against humanity all cards I would like to see that little porcelain plate suddenly on my desk, but every time we are only welcome. I looked at the empty landing of the d.verywhere shrouded me. And then imagine this wreath is he brought me for me, in a circle and then a circle of white sacred glory, wearing a white dress, and his gentle staring at each other God What am I thinking I clutching my own hot cheeks, secretly self blame. He does not know what kind of danger is still in, and I was thinking about these too unrealistic things, really should not Yeah, too unrealistic, i m with him Anyway, in law we are still brothers and sisters. Can I be allowed to love him Can it be ethically allowed by people s morals and societies Even if we can desperate, but my mother, his father Can they agree Can they bear the public opinion and others in the same way I can not help but think of the day the mother said to me, maybe she had been sensitive to what had been, so I would warn me in advance. But her admonition still did not play a role, I chuckle. I still can not extricate themselves into it The future waiting for me, is the abyss, is the rapids, or mud I lamented, no matter what kind of is not a good end ah I told him, in the end there is no future Although I was 16 years old, but how to feel that they have to give him all his life Completely trust him, wholeheartedly love him no matter what the future will face, I will stand side by.

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