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Cards Against Humanity Best Expansion is a mistake If the mother did not take you into Liu Lane, did not take you married then it is not everything will be the same Is not it better than now I do not know, early summer, I really do not know, but the world, after all, no regret medicine can eat, so can not regret, can not come again Although today s end I looked at the mother, the heart can not tell what kind of emotions in the somersault agitation. Yes ah, if the original mother did not take me into Liu Lane, did not take me to marry, then I will not become today, there will not be such a brutal fate today Then, the same, I will not meet him, fell in love with him If you can come again, let me go back to the moment when Liu Jiaxiang mouth. So what side will I choose Is into Liujia Lane, into their home Or turned back to my original life I have never considered this problem. In the early summer, the mother continued to look at me softly. I know the pain in your heart, but my mother wants to tell you that you do not live with hatred because it will be painful and unhappy mother hope you can be happy, hope you can be strong, brave, optimistic to live, know My tears rushing again, but in front of my mother, I still smile nodded. This time, in any case you must be admit.I blinked, could not stop the smile of the mouth, even his words are almost a year ago. Why are you always sneaking behind the people Well, every time you re out of the way, I do not know what I am. He was immediately dissatisfied with the protest. He stood straight, I immediately found, I do not know when he has been higher than my cards against humanity sale head. This year due to the strengthening of nutrition, I grew taller a lot, almost catch up with my mother. And my body cards against humanity best expansion is quietly playing so I feel shy changes, especially that will come every month things, let me in front of people carefully and hard to cover up, for fear that others will find me different from the previous. And with I have the same changes in the Lufthansa, as if more fear and anxiety than me, so we have together a lot of girls belong to the secret. And he, that big two years old I hate the guy, but also obviously played some changes. For example, the most terrible is his voice, become sand and dumb like a duck called in general. Every time he provoked me angry, I would not hesitate to call him public duck , and he will be angry face burst of red burst of white, look very cute. And the most obvious is his height, like a bamboo like a pumping and then pumping, has been almost his father s ear along, and I look long and long he will soo.

Murong string to pick up the eyebrows, arrogant look at the seniors. You just do not bully a girl Or you give the girls bullied Seniors ironically said. Hear the words of seniors, then Hou scene again in my mind kept replay. In his arms, think of just a girl had to do everything in the tease him, I suddenly raised a nausea feeling. You let go of me I struggled to escape from his arms. Your lips are still bleeding He frowned and looked at my bright red lips, reflexively with the index finger gently wipe the blood on the lips. This action to the presence of three people at the same time Yihunt heart The next moment, seniors fist has kissed the face of the Murong string. Unpredictable Murong string on this way was beaten back a few steps. Fight I like to accompany Like their own subconsciously just a little annoying behavior, Murong chord brushing a little red face, let me, punch severely hit the abdomen in the seniors. cards against humanity best expansion Who told you to touch her The seniors endured the pain bared teeth. Look at them two fists and feet, you come to me. I am anxious Do not fight Stop Damn A look to know that Murong chord prevail Usually gentle gentleman how can and have a lot of fighting experience Murong string than ah Stop Do not fight I act decisively, quickly clutched from the Murong string behind lonely back, just feel breathing almost stopped. I want to stop him, want to rush to embrace him, and more want to tell him the truth of my heart But I can not I can not Mother s words still reverberate in my ear, over and over again I told him only brother and sister, only brother and sister If we crossed the line, then the whole Liu, my mother, he and I, will bear what kind of criticism What kind of vision What kind of pressure I can not I can not From then on, I began to deliberately avoid him, had the opportunity to meet him not much, so we are more difficult to see the side. But I know that after the study he still quietly with me behind me to send home, but never exposed. It was not long before he did something wrong. He wounded a 17 year old boy in a gang fights, broke the boy s liver, and bleeding within his belly. Fortunately, he was looking at the wrong, and quickly sent him to the hospital. The boy s life finally saved, but must lie in bed for two months. The boy s cards against humanity 800 number parents threatened to Liu Zhixao to court, this matter will soon be his father know. His father rushed to the hospital to visit, in front of the other parents do not pay, and on the spot to pay all the medical expenses, I hope they can give up. But the boy s parents still refused t.the trembling swept the whole body, while cold wind blowing, numb his nerves, frozen his hot heart. He knew that his life can only go corpses with a lifetime of time to miss her, for their own slow and long time their own life. In the loss of purple child that moment, he clearly understand that he also lost laughter, cry, love the right of the No one in the airport full of sad crying heard the desperate and frightening cry of the man sitting on the floor. No one, cards against humanity best expansion no one else unless the miracle of the day Fan 2 In the French luxury Champs Elysees, a petite oriental girl wandering around, totally ignoring the people around the kiss so forget, ignoring the world famous French passion. Suddenly walked down slowly, leaving only behind the sun was pulled long lonely figure. Head came a blonde brown eyes of the French guy, that guy looked at the front of the East girl after a moment and began to warm up with her up. Shangguan purple surprised looked up, looking at the smile like a sunny smile in July, suddenly felt a burst cards against humanity kmart of dizziness, my mind quickly flashed another similar smile. Frowned, she politely refused his strike up, looked at him dizzy feeling the nose to leave, a long sigh slowly issued by the chest. Three years Floating three years, alone traveled the mo.

Cards Against Humanity Best Expansion ome classes, on the ten o clock to put. Liu Zhihao side of the shoes, one side if nothing had said. God Why are you going to lie But also so that the face does not change color lie Your father already knows what you are playing truant I was in the heart of his anxious. If not I have known in advance that he was playing truant, but also by his calm and if nothing had to cheat, I was more in his cards against humanity best expansion heart, What class did that day make up His father still asked quietly. Mathematics. Liu is still simply answer. His beast His father suddenly burst into a drink, the cigarette butts lost, came to grabbed Liu s ho collar, ferocious staring at him dare to lie to me wings long hard is not even Laozi dare cheat you say, where these two days to go foolish Liu Zhihao s head hanging down, I can not see his face, I have been nervous to breathe, but he was so calm, silent standing there. You can not say that His father clutched his clothes more, forcing him to rise. Liu Zhihao looked up at his father, muffled replied no where Where did he go His father cheered his bell like eyes and said, Where did he go to play for three days He raised his hand and raised his hand to his head. Liu Zhihao was the palm of the hand threw himself to the ground, the head cards against humanity best expansion also hit the coffee table almost several own The But if those girls think you are already the other half of their fit What about this Looking at him, I bitter thought. How are you so long ah At this time waiting for a little impatient Fang Shaowei opened the door and looked at me and Murong string, as my cancellation My interview is already right Murong string quickly suggested to me blinked. You have promised me You do not want to slip You know, you I want to quick battle Fang Shaoyi impatient to have been to the door of the Murong string said. Let s start Really is quick fix Less than half an hour to complete the other side of the interview. But most of the sharp problems. For example, why he was about three months for a girlfriend and so on, have been his skillfully deflected. I finally asked, why do you promise to do an interview Murong string in the end agreed to what you asked When he got up to go, I could not help but asked. You call Shangguan purple it I will remember you He did not answer, just back to give me a unique smile, the chic to go December 8 sunny He said he was looking for another semicircle fit, in the end who is it But it will not be me And in the end Murong string and he signed what the humiliation of the treaty The I heard that the four princes of the campus theme is very successful Yes, then you.

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