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Cards Against Humanity Best er. what I almost chucked, quickly covered his mouth. Liu Zhihao just want to get up, his father went up and is a blatantly chuckle, and even kick with his feet, until he can not climb up so far. I exhausted the strength of the whole body desperately covered his mouth, only to let himself cry out loud. Looking at the man like him like a beast in general punched and kicked, I felt the heart in the bitter new cards against humanity twitch, tears drop drop in my hand, and then sliding down into my cuffs, until the cuff has been wet , I was shocked that he had flow so much tears. But I can not do anything, and even help him talk about the situation I can not do, because, because I am afraid of his father than he was. Mother has been persuasion, but her strength and how big than the man, once also almost he was torn down. But to see Liu Zhihao lying on the ground painful curled look, the mother finally could not help but rushed forward, clinging to the man s hand prayed Jian Yuan, do not fight Beg you The child is still small, Is it right cards against humanity best for him to do it You are so light that it is not the way it is, but it will make him more rebellious and unacceptable The man whirring breathing, looking at my mother, the eyes of the fierce light slightly reduced, the amount of protruding green veins are also slightly calm. And t.e high octave, how could you Do not joke Do not take Azi joke Who are you in the end Serious and there is a strong sense of suspicion. Do not you recognize my voice I asked strangely. Even if there are three years of separation does not even the best friend s voice forgotten Did not I hear her voice You really is Azi No impossible No possibility, Azi Ming obvious Wenya speechless again. You say you are Azi, what evidence do you have You really want the evidence Well, you listen to This time I want to doubt that she is not Wenya it However, I was so familiar to me and Wenya from small to large interesting, scandal said one by one out. You are really Azi The voice choked and shook slightly. Yes I m so helpless. Do you still doubt Wen Ling, how are you in the end You are there cards against humanity best now I ll find you Wen Ling choked with an address, I quickly hung up the phone, stopped a taxi according to the text of the address to find her Until I arrived at the door of the text of the family, Wen Aya to see me still a little incredible. After three years of baptism, Wenya in addition to the appearance of some mature from the lovely girl into a beautiful young woman, the other no change. This is the Koulie Lie s credit it, has been maintained in the text of the pure and naive At this point she was like a chi.

ickly smiled and closed his mouth. He will join the basketball club, because one day he suddenly asked me and chubby, what can most attract the attention of girls and eyes Xiaofei continued Road. That guy, the original in order to attract the attention of the girls I suddenly felt some anger, mixed with some sour. However, Xiao Fei and chubby brother shook his head. Xiao Fei continued He did not care about the eyes of other girls, he cares only a girl s eyes only.He hoped that the girls can only invest in student work, what literature, what table tennis on the eyes, And then he told him that the most attractive girls look better than playing basketball and playing football, so he chose the basketball club, all day long hard practice, make up their own slightly worse Foundation. But, but that time, he went home with me every day I, how did I not see him hard to practice I heard that Xiaofei said, I have guessed why Liu Zhixao want to play basketball. But the heart is still puzzled, obviously did not see how he practiced Well. Ah it is because he often skipping to practice the ball. Xiaofei suddenly chuckle a cry. That rascal I am helpless to close your eyes, you know he will But, he said, that guy is practicing every night I heard, shocked eyes wide open. Do you think he s going o.ther I let the brain aimlessly roaming, eyes kept drift, Yu Guang always love on the smiling face. But the smiling face was stiff on his face. After all, big people have long enough Dad, I am leggy The young little hand pulled the father s clothes. Oh, I cards against humanity digging hole have forgotten Come, purple child, he is uncle Murong. I asked the occasion of the occasion, Murong uncle suddenly grinned. This is my son Murong string. Strings, fast call people Called Shangguan uncle. The little boy shouted loudly, Uncle Shangguan, the bright smile still lips. I said my brother ah Your child is so small and so handsome, grow up incredible I see my daughter, or a little better away from him, so that your home to the Shui Father s bold haha big laugh. He did not know that he would come true. That s better We can make friends I have to see the blessing of children Want to come is my home high climb My family just opened a small factory, and then I know Murong home is the architectural family. Is indeed a high climb I looked at them boredly and found that they really talked more and more How can you talk to friends But also talk about the matter of doing things Looked back at the boy called the Murong string, found that he did not seem to listen, eyes turn not staring at the basketball court. Good boy Dad I want to re.s this He bowed his head and wore his ring on his right hand, and then stared at me and whispered, marry me How can you so too suddenly And how can this be casually to people to marry him I looked embarrassed to look forward to his sincere. This ring was two years ago I bought, ready to wait for you to come back to marry you How do you know He picked up my right hand, the ring to my ring finger to wear. You bought it two years ago I looked at him in amazement. Yes He looked at the satisfaction of the ring wearing my right hand ring finger on the effect, laughed laughing as ever as bright as the sun. I Leng Leng looked at him that disappeared for a long time sunshine smile, a long time can not return to God. When I look back to the ring, I was surprised to find that the ring was set firmly. How the ring SIZE just right is my ring finger SIZE it He should not know ah When the seniors asked me to marry the scene in my heart, is it really God The How do you know cards against humanity best the size cards against humanity kwanzaa day 8 of my ring finger In fact, I did not know I asked Song Xi to the I do not buy a size of your ring to make you cranky, refused to marry me This is his difference with the seniors Looked at his smile, I thought. How about Refused to marry me He asked nervously. You must marry me There is no room for your choice Who told yo.

Cards Against Humanity Best o home late. And he is always doing nothing in the campus stroll what the ride, never know how to use this valuable time to do homework, let it wasted. Later, I suggested that he participate in a community, you can pass the time. He had a lot of school small and small community did not dare not interested in, before his height is high, so some sports associations such as basketball clubs, soccer clubs, volleyball clubs are invited to join him, but he was Very simply refused, the reason is not interested. Although he will play a variety of ball, but they do not want to develop into expertise. He also directly to one of the head of the community said, to play with him, he might as well fight That he seems more interested in some. But so waiting for it is really boring, so he was playing with a play mentality joined the basketball club. Did not expect that this is purely to pass the time guy, even born is a material to play Height is high enough, fast enough, the reaction is flexible enough, endurance is strong enough, and the mind is stable enough No matter how many points have been lost in the game, he can recover from the slow. Reason without him, just because he is not very concerned about basketball, but do not care about the game, so it can easily pull the score back. However, wider. Back home, the situation will be roughly told his father Liu, and Liu Zhihao s book cards against humanity best to him. After he had seen the accident, there was no curse, no anger, but no expression of smoke, and cards against humanity best then slowly said to his mother there, I am too lazy to control him. After the dragon brother really sent people everywhere to find Liu Hao. Even the door we often have one or two sneaky youth, installed where nothing had happened leisurely, but I know he is monitoring our home, waiting for the emergence of Liu. But Long brother has never been how to our family, it seems Liu Zhijao s judgment is right, or his friend Panther brother played some role I can not know. At the end of the exam soon, sub examination is also at the same time, I can not distract him. Half a month after the end of the sub examination, I successfully entered their own selection of science key classes. So the summer vacation, I spent most of my time at home, reading books, writing diaries, helping my mother to do housework, wait on the discerning old lady, not as much as before out to play. In fact, the main reason to stay at home, only I understand, that is to wait for the guy s back. Because, maybe one day, a time he suddenly came back. With a bright smile standing in front of me, and then pointed to the yard of the flo.

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