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Cards Against Humanity Blue Box e it. But the world, after all, no regret medicine can eat, I finally have to face what happened later. After two months, I barely saw him. Because he at noon and afternoon do not have to go home to eat at night often come back very late, most of me have to sleep or fall asleep. In the morning he got up late, did not eat breakfast, back the bag on the bike out of the door, so there is little chance to meet with him. What is he busy with Is it transgender, good study And in the campus, I almost did not see his shadow. He quit the basketball club, never appeared on the basketball court. His exit, making the basketball club coach and team members feel very pity. And the most sad is none of his loyal fans, the campus can be heard everywhere girls or shaking his head or sigh or complain about the voice, we all mourned the disappearance of the Prince of basketball, infinite regret, infinite regret What is he busy with My heart is very puzzled, but can not pull his face to ask him. Humph Who wants to find him, let him fend for himself At the end of the period soon, I also began to review the stage of the pro forma. This afternoon, the mother is cooking a phone call, the attitude of extremely humble after the answer, his face becomes very poor. At seven o clock, the man came back, a.not help the hind legs pedal, suddenly jumped into the sky, flies flies from. But its tongue can not roll away the flies on the hook. When it is for food and regardless of all open mouth flapping on the hook, Liu Zhihao guy that fierce cards against humanity blue box hands will mention the line, put the big frog abruptly raised up. The frog s upper jaw was worn on a sharp hook and saw it claws in the air and wielded the limbs hard. But it is no virtue in the air, can not play its jump long, so with this can not escape, had to temporarily become our prisoners. Wow Well done Xiaofei and chubby brother at the same time a shot Liu Zhihao s big laugh. Oh Who laughed the last, who laughed the best Liu Zhihao Pie Piezui, proud of the laughed. Humph What is it Is not it just to catch a frog Is this frog stupid, it was easy cards against humanity blue box on your when. To see his proud smile, I do not know why I was not convinced, old want to hit him. But this time cards against humanity blue box everyone so happy, I did not say the export. Lufthansa picked up the big frog with the glass jar, hand across the glass with a large frog s head gently said frog baby Yeah, you obediently stay here, so we have enough, will put You go out. It is so big, how can we call the frog baby Whatever the outcome is the frog uncle it. I looked at Lufthansa, and then looked at the head is a big frog, ther.

look of fatigue and dust. The mother for him to wash his face, to help him change the dirty clothes, and then looked at his face carefully said Jian Yuan, today s ho class teacher called Oh Wu said what He failed the exam The man did not care, it seems that Liu s achievements have been no hope. No, he said the ho has not gone to school for three days mother said casually, trying to minimize the explosive of the news. What cards against humanity blue box The man still immediately reflexive jump up, his brow almost to the vertical. He was ferocious as the night fork look, scared I immediately closed the door did not dare to look, his furious voice isolated on the door, but still can hear him thunder like roar. Liu Zhixao this guy, how will truant it I am in my heart for his deep worry, how can he come back at night How will his father be to him I am almost restless to see the book, uneasy waiting for his back. At about ten thirty in the evening, the sound of his bikes sounded in the yard, and I knew he was back. And then his voice into the room, take off the sound. I opened the door and stared, and I knew that his father and my mother were sitting in the living room waiting for him to come back. How did this come back so late today His father smoked and smoked. Today, the teacher and make up s.eless Since the Murong string they ascended to the last two years after the campus of the cards against humanity images four princes, both of you are on the list We have not done an interview for two consecutive years Do not have an interview with us has nothing to do Is the Murong string they are determined not to do the interview and Seoul especially the first row of the side of the wing. Really, from the previous year to now we really have to work hard to convince them Made an interview Seniors refute in the smoke sister s stare under the more whispered. Yes In fact, I and Axi list on the unknown because the school people without vision and Seoul Koulie Lie is not afraid of death said. Then you are both big and famous on the list, what is this going on Smoke sister smile charming and horrible I do not want to hear from you in the mouth of the side of the three words. What happened Wenya quietly asked bleating. You do not know The last smoke school sister personally invited to listen to the string, Fang Shaoyi, the clouds of the three of them to do the interview. Smoke sister first and her most friendship from the Murong string to start, Murong chuckle said no problem. , She went to find a good temper of the sky. Probably talked about an hour later, the clouds said that as long as the smoke sister promised him.

Cards Against Humanity Blue Box anding here waiting for me Why do you torture yourself But I suddenly realized that I had just revealed that I had been concerned about his fact. I can not go on like this, I have to be more outrageous Only more unfeeling can be broken thoroughly ah, or lingering even let me and him are more painful. So I once again back two steps, opened with his distance, deliberately cold voice said I think, at noon in the river with you clear I know He slowly came to me, a touch of moonlight reflected his deep and stubborn eyes. I just want to confirm one thing Do you really do not love me His eyes looked straight at me, so I did not hide. Even in such a night, even in such a cold air, his eyes are still ideas for cards against humanity blanks burning seems to want to melt me, I burned out I can not help the beginning of the whole body heat, hot I was uncomfortable, swollen mind. Really do not love me He is approaching step, tone has been with some aggressive atmosphere. I took a deep breath, nodded hard, did not dare to look at him. Look at me He approached again, approached and stood face to face with me, looked up and looked at me and answered me I have been forced by his no way back, had looked up at him, looking at his handsome, long absence, so familiar cards against humanity rating but so strange face. I looked at such a count.can not. Although he never took the matter seriously, that it was very boring stuff, but I know his inner pressure is actually great. Today is a rare weekend, I finally have time to sort out these flowers. I took a watering pot and a small shovel, ready to give my babies drink some nectar, and then remove cards against humanity blue box those weeds that compete with them for nutrients. In fact, after this year, I have learned from Liu Zhihao a lot of knowledge of flowers. Which are hi yang, what hi hi, what is the water, which is afraid of water, which need to care, which can not ignore it, how to weed, how to insects, how to spend fat all of these are all taught me. When he taught me in the garden, I was always amazed and admired for his proficiency in raising flowers, and I really did not know where he had learned so much. I often call him nothing, but then think about it, at least he is very natural for many things in nature. For example, he will pick up the fruit for example, he will pick up the fruit and understand what fruit is delicious, which fruit can not eat for example, he will catch fish, a grasp is a lot , Easy to shot a shot in all likelihood can be. In addition, he is also tamed for cats and dogs like the one hand, the neighbors of those big dogs to see him simply than to see their own owner.

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