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Cards Against Humanity cards against humanity complete set Complete Set rmation done quite carefully ah Or is this you know He insisted on his chin, one hand and turned the hands of the pen looked at me, learn from now I probably put about 10 10 My heart could not help but be tight. Why do not every girlfriend s communication time long You will not just want to play with girls I am fascinated by him, if he nodded, I may be for those girls to beat him a slap in the face What is your expression He stopped turning the pen, dissatisfied box for cards against humanity looked at me and said, I was not the kind of person Every time the exchanges began to have feelings of each other, you love me But it s a long time with them, and I found that she was not the kind of girl I wanted, and every time I did not know why. He sighed and continued, In fact, I think I am like a incomplete circle, kept looking, after a girl, but also just to find that one and their own just fit the circle Once I thought I cards against humanity complete set found it, but there was still more or less gap between me and them. I was lucky, not my life I silly looked at him murmured Xu Zhimo s famous. As long as I find that she is not what I want, let me happen after anything I will not go back, as if into the cocoon, but I swear I really did not care to hurt those girls, but everyone has their own choice Right, is not it Everyone has the right to choose the.ditions of the original So what are the other difficult conditions I would like to ask but can not open the mouth. And because of his thin invited dance reason my heart has been reduced from the clouds to the abyss So He smiled and looked at me and said, Is the Song Xi s class coming today He s coming He always made me forget the seniors A strong sense of guilt in my heart obviously that good tonight s first dance belongs to the seniors ah Last He would like to say anything, but I was interrupted. Hush Let us quietly dance dancing intact I looked down and looked at him, gently on the traces of leaning against his chest. I know he wanted to say is the last PUB inside things, but I do not think about anything now. Just want to quietly have the time of his song a few minutes In my heart There ll always be a place for you for all my life I ll keep a part of you with me And everywhere I am there you ll be everywhere Music leisurely, I return from the dream to reality. See the door of the party that is anxious to look around the figure, I closed my eyes and breathed a bit, firmly pushed the warm chest. I want to leave, but his hand is accidentally tightened. And then jump a good His eyes flashed a trace of confusion, a trace of a sense of loss, there are some I can not understand the emoti.

s brother I was surprised. Yes, he has a pro brother you do not know Xiao Fei slightly surprised to see me. So I said, I seem to have heard of his brother or something, but never seen. I thoughtfully nodded. Of course, you must have never seen him. His brother, he was four years old, was also the famous fights of the city king. Later, at the age of 16, in a group of shelters to kill people broke the disaster, he was The mother s secret was sent to the soldier, and the local public security did not find out who did it, and it was so nothing to do so, so when his brother was gone, Liu was only 12 years old, and you did not know them. Is it so it was so no wonder his father was so angry that he was so angry that he wanted to kill him, and he did not want him to go on his brother s old way Xiaofei seems to have some tired, looked up to indicate chubby brother to continue. So chubby brother dry cough twice, the interface said he was so hard edged, and soon caused the local largest black under the leader of the black brother s attention, he would like to attract his dragon brother is said to be the city s most powerful, The most wealthy people, the hands are said to have seven or eight hundred brothers, even the public security bureau should cards against humanity jew pack amazon boge him three points.He opened an When can I shoot so well After reading this thin I also something more to get out of another thin. So read a copy of this, until the last left that was tightly pressed in the bottom of the purple phase thin. I took it out and then opened it. what The first page is all my photo I quickly turned to the next page, how to know the next page is my photo This is also, this is also, this is also a I am amazed clutching his mouth, his hand quickly flipped with thin. I and the seniors first met when he took me the picture, I have a picture of the smoke and sister to speak when I have a picture when I and Wenya laughed, and even I fell asleep in the school room photos Do not know someone has been so pay attention to their own What time is it I felt like I was trembling with surprise and surprise. This is what I usually photographed. The seniors do not know when they have stood at the door. He slowly came, the footsteps slightly unstable. May have just been filled with too much wine Usually white face at this time it is cast a dark red. Is it because of the relationship between drunkenness Or because I saw his mind But at first I found my own picture like a conscious will automatically find your shadow, and I always unaware of the chase of your smiles, one So that your photos are more a.eemingly gentle man, mature and stable people should be the legendary third handsome guy the sky cloud right Disturbed In the eyes of his inquiry, I do not consciously clear the throat. I am a journalist in the school department.I want to make an interview with you, Murong string, Fang Shaoyi. Can I ask you What s the interview He leaned into the couch and looked at me leisurely. It s about the election of the four princes of this year s campus, and I think I should congratulate you once again on the top three. I think I can not take my mind. He took off his glasses and rubbed cards against humanity complete set his brow. Because even if I promised, you can not promise. The person behind me The I quickly turned around and saw a cool brother lazily scattered on the door. Looking at him I have to admit Fang Shaoyi handsome and cool is not worthy of the name You have not given up He did not move, but looked at me coldly. I am the last lobbyist and try. I do not want to be here so staring ah Hey, Shangguan purple Why are you here At this time, Murong chord took a lot of documents came in, cards against humanity complete set surprised looking at me. Fang Shao, which is why she is sent to the school department of the last one lobbying it Clouds looked back and forth and Murong string, laughing with each other less wing said. What s the matter Murong string dow.

Cards Against Humanity Complete Set period of more than a year, I live a zombie day. Hospitals, schools, home to run back and forth, physical overdraft and mental stress and pain, I tortured haggard. I began to become depressed, depressed, irritable, moody Mother s thing In addition to one or two friends, I did not tell other people, because I do not want other students with that kind of sympathetic look to me. Lufthansa and Zhang Ting s comfort, although I am grateful, but it can not alleviate my pain and pressure a shred of, and I am depressed mood is always let me involuntarily angry for cards against humanity kmart them. I know that I should not be so, I should not vent their anger on them, but I can not control myself. So I began to alienate them, alienate those I had the closest friends. Since the mother began hospitalization, my grades also followed all the way down from the first three to 13, and now more than 30 now. The class teacher is a kind old man who has been cards against humanity complete set looking for me more than once. Early summer ah, I know your mother got the kind of disease, I am sorry but you are now in a critical period, at an important turning point, and must not be distracted In another three months To the college entrance examination, you have to come up with a good review, to your results admitted to the famous university is not a probl.g in the rotation, do not know how many circles in the spin after the end, and finally the strong end of the obediently fell into the box. Europe, Europe, Europe cheers and screams on the field more spread to the overwhelming, the girls have been about to break the throat. Red team members ran up one by one, and Liu Zhixao to show the palm to celebrate, his face could not conceal the expression of joy. There are two minutes in the game, the rest of the time the red team morale greatly encouraged, just did not let the blue team and then a point, the score has been maintained to the end. So the red team to 68 67 victory over the blue team. The cheers of the ear finally scattered, the crowd gradually dispersed. Liu Zhihao to the other players after one by one farewell, only slowly came to me. Sweat soaked his whole body, even exposed outside the arms are also glowing wet light. Wet hair scattered in front of his amount, still dripping water, the vest is already wet, affixed to him even more of his body that more robust muscles. This pair of looks, with me a year and a half ago to see him when he was very similar, like just picked up from the water in general. But now he has obviously grown taller, grow taller, more of the boy s British gas and handsome. No wonder girls want to b.

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