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Cards Against Humanity Expansion 6 Card List sion, do not know what cards against humanity expansion 6 card list he looks like. One is sitting in my cards against humanity expansion 6 card list back seat Duan Xiaoming write, I told him almost every day to chat, to discuss the learning problems, cards against humanity expansion 6 card list did not think he actually crush me. He is a very smart boy, believe that IQ must be high, because the difficult question is difficult to beat him. But he was very lazy, test books are too lazy to do, often copy me, and then do not see to pay to go. Ask him why, he said anyway will do, too lazy to think. He is such a weirdo, saying that the words of the export often make you laugh, or mad, or turned his eyes to ask the sky. However, I suddenly thought, after he was very difficult to get along. I put his letter carefully folded into the envelope, and then opened the third letter. The third out of my surprise, actually is written by Zhang Yanjun. He wrote the truth, the text is subtle and elegant, so I have to doubt that his letter is copied from the love cards against humanity tumblr letter Daquan. no no How can i doubt him He has this literary style, he should be written out. But this love is really written well, and should be taken to the right. I will be his letter also carefully folded together, together with the other two letters, into the bag of the innermost layer. I do not know how to answer them, my mind is noisy. Alas, do not think about it At noo.ittent voice of the corridor. Well, it s all right just a little bit of a slight injury well, I ll deal with that, the perpetrator promised to be responsible well, we ll get back soon after dealing with it, do not worry well, so Then he Came back, looked obediently leaning against the emergency room wall of the young one, coldly Today s medical expenses you have to pay, and have to be out of three hundred dollars for her two days of dressing. Ah Three hundred you blackmail ah That young man heard immediately after standing straight body, waving protest. Liu Zhihao but too lazy and his mouth, just shook the hands of the fist, then the young arrogance immediately down. Desperation, he took out his wallet, took out three hundred dollar bills in front of Liu Zhixao shook, staring That, plus today with only three hundred No more, you love to not Liu Zhihao did not care for him, grabbed the hands of his wallet opened to see. That young man was anxious to rush to rush back, but was Liu cards against humanity expansion 6 card list Zhihao a dodge, and then he stared at the young one, that young people will not dare to move again. Cut This is not there Liu from the wallet and pulled out two hundred dollar bills in the young eyes shaking. The young man hated his teeth, and his eyes were about to fire. Liu Zhijiao from.

as lost. If he still has a little reason, he will certainly prevent Liu Zhiwei Think of here, I am confident. I shouted the man shouting I do not know how to go on, but I think the man should understand. Liu Zhiwei stood up nervously, too late to wear clothes, had to grab a towel was covered under the body. He stared at his father staring at him, and saw that he was nervous and scared. Humph This bastard, despite his mouth look down on his father, but after all, still afraid of his father s. I sneer looking at his embarrassment, just feel a burst of fun. The man calmly into the room calmly, calm the door locked. He looked at me and looked at his son as if he had recovered from the initial surprise. What are you doing He rushed Liu Weiwei Chen Sheng Road, at the same time to step into him, with his usual majesty and indifference. I was always scared of his voice, and it was a great disgust and hatred, but now he felt that his voice was like God, who was sent by God to save my angel. Dad, I said to the man, he, this beast Has been to me, have been to me dad, you quickly let me The man did not see me, straight look to Liu Zhiwei, eyes cold and sharp. His thin, sharp lips were greeted, and the cold and harsh voice escaped from the lips Do you know what you are doing Liu Zhigui pu.heard this, I immediately felt myself fainted. Gan Sha Sha stole someone else s wallet to buy things, and later found no money in the wallet, and then the menacing men come to someone else accounts Yan Sha angry to seize the collar of Zhang Ting, almost grabbed him up. You let me lose face you know I said good please others, the results to the canteen found no money inside Said, where the money to go Is not you hiding Yan Sha asked So confidently, as if the wallet should have been her, and that the money will be hidden Zhang Ting was the culprit. I, I did not hide the money Zhang Ting Neiner, and said blankly, as if it was like to eat the momentum of Lufthansa scared ignorant. Why do not you have money Must you be hidden You would like to hide, do not want to let me spend, is not it Lufthansa continued staring at the questioning. I m down What about her Of course, people are willing to hide and do not want to let you spend it No, not Zhang Ting stuttering to try to explain, but also by Luansha burst of face to face the chaos. Finally Zhang Ting intolerable, stand up and smashed Luanshu shouted I did not This is a lion roar, shocked the classroom classmates surprised, but also to look at the two of them. Character Confucian weak Zhang Ting will be so roar people Everyb.y think about leaving No matter what I say you will not stay See me again shaking his head, he is like a defeated cock like helpless looked at me, and finally accept the reality. When are you coming back do not know One month The two sounds almost at the same time. He stared at me, once again concessions up to six months One year In fact, my own return is also the heart of the spectrum Perhaps like a brother to wait until you can take this sad when I will come Okay, he finally got a compromise. Do not have a lot of time, not late, you will give me obediently come back, know His eyes reluctantly slipped my brow, my eyes I will be here that day And I ll give you an answer Goodbye I looked at him murmured and then turned to the cabin. I know a lot of sighs sounded behind, and that hot sight has been chasing my shadow did not move away However, when I set foot on this piece of land with a lot of my memory, it is already three years later This three years, I won the praise of the world with their own strength, successfully started the WINDY.SG photographer s name. Now, WINDY.SG name in foreign countries just as Du Fengfeng name in China the vast majority of people know Three years, this time is not long but not short Enough to make my hair short and long, long and short, short and long ag.

Cards Against Humanity Expansion 6 Card List rs. At this time, the guards came in and informed us that time had arrived. I look at him as one, knowing that are everywhere. He slowly got up, picked up the pot from the table, reluctantly look at my last one. That one I can not use words to describe that feeling to me. But I know that in that moment I saw the world s most glorious bright, the most touching black and bright gems, beautiful heartbreaking In the moment he turned, I heard his low voice full of magnetic sound I will keep it. I smiled, and in the moment he walked out of the door, with all my affection and tenderness to him I will always be your gardenia Past is, now is, after that this, never Will change. I saw that he laughed at the moment of closing the door. That day, I walked out of the prison gate. The sun is very bright outside, very bright I looked up to see from the plane of the plane through the little bit of halo, suddenly felt the whole people have become crystal clear, bright and pure up. I seem to incarnate into a colorful little blisters, in the sun to enjoy the light dance dance, chase play, free, free I will hand in the forehead, toward the halo look very long, mouth gradually holding a gentle smile. I know that with courage and hope, I can stick to it. Yes, So I live a cards against humanity type games more closed, lonely, numb, painful life, until my birthday the day before. That night my mother called me to bed. She leaned against the bed, the spirit seems very good, and look at my eyes are particularly gentle. Mom I gently called her, your spirit today looks very good. Mother wanted to smile smiled at me, but it was already very reluctant. She lifted the skinny hand, gently stroked my head, and then I have never heard a quiet and quiet voice said to me early summer, you are a good boy, always mother you Such a daughter, even if this life is not white live but, but my mother can no longer accompany you go Mom I suddenly realized that my mother was saying that a burst of choking from the throat gushing, my tears immediately flooded out. Do not cry, early summer you should have been prepared for a long time. Mom dragged on for so long, but also enough I have no longer nostalgia this world, but still just do not let you cards against humanity 5 expansion Do not go, you do not go I beg you, you stay with me Life with me I cried loudly, his hands tightly grasp the mother s thin wrist. Silly boy the mother s eyes have a gentle smile, people have old days of death, my mother just a few years ago. Tomorrow, is your birthday, right You are als.

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