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Cards Against Humanity Hole Website ection of the country cement road, cards against humanity 1st expansion and that my favorite road. Although it is winter, the roadside tree only left the bare branches, but the endless field is still green, and now is breeding wheat seedlings it. This road almost no car and people, I and he often pedal fast, and then boldly off the double, hands stretched, close your eyes, feel free to fly in the field. Let the cool wind with the breath of the field blowing our ears, blowing our body, blowing our hair At first I did this when he was shocked, but later he was still fascinated by this game, often have fun. For example, now, he stretched his arms, enjoy the eyes closed, all the way to whistle forward rushed forward, his mouth shouted fly alas I told the speed of fast to catch up with him, and then Also put the handlebar, slightly raised his head to do flying like, his mouth murmured fly ah So that we both catch up with me to catch the joy of playing, flying, flying cheers and a series of crushing laughter endless echoed in this country on the road. To see him so happy, I suddenly asked the long standing question Hey, Liu Zhixao, more than a year ago that summer that night, you do not blame me, in the end wonder what Uh He hesitated, did not react. I was learning to listen to the stars, you At this time, the guards came in and informed us that time had arrived. I look at him as one, knowing that are everywhere. He slowly got up, picked up the pot from the table, reluctantly look at my last one. That one I can not use words to describe that feeling to me. But I know that in that moment I saw the world s most glorious bright, the most touching black and bright gems, beautiful heartbreaking In the moment he turned, cards against humanity hole website I heard his low voice full of magnetic sound I will keep it. I smiled, and in the moment he walked out of the door, with all my affection and tenderness to him I will always be your gardenia Past is, now is, after that this, never Will change. I saw that he laughed at the moment of closing the door. That day, I walked out of the prison gate. The sun is very bright outside, very bright I looked up to see from the plane of the plane through the little bit of halo, suddenly felt the whole people have become crystal clear, bright and pure up. I seem to incarnate into cards against humanity holiday hole a colorful little blisters, in the sun to enjoy the light dance dance, chase play, free, free I will hand in the forehead, toward the halo look very long, mouth gradually holding a gentle smile. I know that with courage and hope, I can stick to it. Yes, happiness.

do not know how to face him Three years later, after three years later, after I have suffered so much suffering, so much torture after I was not the original that I, how do I have to face him The Not long after, I heard him chase footsteps, the more chase the more recent. And I have not run, so I had to stop and face. Although I do not know how to face. But sooner or later to face, is not it The total to come, it is better to let it now come now. When I stopped, I found that I had gone to the river. This is accompanied by my young age and my mother grew up with the river ah, has brought us how much joy, how many beautiful days, and now only has become a good memory only. This river is no longer the shadow of the year. Several chemical plants in the upper reaches of the past few years continue to discharge wastewater in cards against humanity new game the river, and many city rubbish are dumped here. So the river has become dirty and dark, the water is still floating all sorts of garbage and dead sheep dead sheep. A stock smell, rancid smell floated from the river, people within 10 cards against humanity hole website meters can not close. The river has long been no fish, and even shrimp do not see one, let alone we caught the kind of big fish that year. There is no old man to the river fishing, no one to the river walk, and here has become inaccessib.ce, is your big brother, Liu Zhiwei, later met Face belch, called Big Brother I looked at him drunk like a drunk, I do not know how to think that his sharp face is no longer terrible, no longer let me fear. Why should a child be so afraid of his face Is it because at that time I was too young to have no power to protect myself And then I turned to see that strange young man, he is also cards against humanity hole website curious looking at me. He looks very much like Liu Zhihao, and the man is also like, are slender face, high nose, thin lips that type. cards against humanity hole website But his brow is more sharp as a sword, eyes more icy and sharp, face more angular, these points closer to the man some, and compared to Liu s ho s appearance seems to be more gentle. He looked at me, eyes bright like there is some kind of wave in the faint flow. He must be drunk, so look at my eyes was so strange, I thought secretly in the bottom of my heart. He suddenly launched a nice smile to me, played down his sharp and stiff face. It makes him look less pressing, and more handsome. Hello, early summer. He nodded at me. My lips hugged a smile without a smile, faintly nodded his head and said Hello. Then no longer say anything, turned to my mother s room. Now my mother lives in the room of Liu Zhixao, the man still lives in the original us curiously. It s a long time He said with a smile. Murong This is what you did not look And like a purple girl so do not call me I see, Azi and Xiaoxin as well If you catch the Azi, Pharaoh to ensure that you will like Xiao Yun and Xiaoxin as happy Then, Pharaoh and secretly attached to the ears of Murong string said, If I am two years young, must not let Azi Do you really know that she is already famous Really Is it the last time you go with her to eat sugar that Sri Lanka text boy Azi, is not it They say what I do not know, because my mind has long been said that the old king had just hooked Like Xiaoyun and Xiaoxin as happy So, that is called Tang Ming Hing s girl is not Do you want to get the gods Sure enough, think of the gentleman of the Siwen Come Take the candy away Do not stand still, so that it is frozen But I think you do not eat sugar too sweet Pharaoh and Murong string to the sugar into our hands, began to impatient to catch up. What do you do now Do you live here Murong chu asked while walking. I still do work on photography You have graduated I am now working on my father s side, and my father probably wants me to accumulate a little more work experience and let the company give it to me Yes, the last family party you did not go. Dad they all like you I was in Ca.

Cards Against Humanity Hole Website een drifting far away, so far Perhaps because of my nod, perhaps because of this long three years, and ultimately she was determined to remarry, for her, but also for me Mother in accordance with the instructions of the man around the seven bend around the alley, and then suddenly realized something, abruptly stopped the pace. She turned to look at me, set, eyes with some kind of deep meaning. But I am too young, I can not read. She suddenly grabbed my hand, low sighed early summer, you do not blame the mother I shook my head, bright eyes also determined to look at her. Call She is exhaling again. Well, remember, to be there, to obediently obedient, not allowed to run around, not allowed to eat things, not allowed to talk, quietly like it I nodded sensibly. For I do not talk about the problems, she just helpless shook his head, took me big step away. Her palms, full of a layer of sticky sweat, I do not know because of heat or because too nervous. In a fairly clean big yard before the mother finally stopped. This courtyard, and other houses do not seem the same, look bigger, more neat, but also more style some. The wall is a small white stone sticky, at first glance look very Western style, the roof of the roof of the golden glazed tiles, sunset glowing golden light, i.e, eyes are full of confusion. This old man Before the death also obsessed with wake up that year he said the blunt gourd Really Harm me and want to cry I love you He murmured confused, his lips kept kissing my eyebrows, my eyes, my earlobe, my finally returned to my lips. Do you love me The confusion in his eyes was deeper. I m sure he s really drunk, even though he s just awake. Otherwise he will never do this for me He began to unlock my shirt buttons, I looked at him, I know what will happen next. But my heart does not want to refuse I love you I love you I would like to say, but Call my name the string, he said as he kissed, his hands wandering on me. I do not want me to call you Murong. String is his former girlfriend called, and Murong is only a few wings they call. He was busy in my body to start an offensive, my body cards against humanity hole website temperature rising, consciousness gradually blurred. I want to confirm one thing. I asked, Murong, who am I He gasped, looked up at me, Shangguan purple He murmured in my lips, purple children Then sealed my lips. I am satisfied to let myself fall into the loss of reason in the love. Everything does not have to say, the night is still long I never knew that it was so touching and happy to wake up in the morning of the beloved. Watching his side of his child s sl.

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