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Cards Against Humanity King , I have been hesitant to tell you. What things ah I am smiling to see the cigarettes sister rare look serious expression. What s the matter She laughed again after laughing at him, and looked at me seriously. Do you really want to know Well, it s not like you Did not you come here before you Did not you sleep here before In fact, I was hiding in the darkroom, like today. Then Then he came, and he first came to cover her clothes, and then sat on your journeying for a long time.Finally, I saw him as if kissing you. what Do you kiss me while I am going to sleep You are talking about the next one I am unable to pull out the smile, watching the smoke sister more and more serious face. You are what expression ah You do not think Axi good How is now a pair cards against humanity cheaper than Amazon of people will be down the expression. In fact, I think he likes you is also expected in the matter ah. And, I think he to you The love is different from the previous fascination with me. Smoke school sister knocked my head said. She said it was nice That she did not accept seniors before The seniors kissed me The Do not know why I really can not accept a moment. Smoke, Wen Ling said you have something to find me At this time the students smile came from the door, I saw here is also a smile deeper. Azi, you are also ah Oh, now all right.r. It is hard to believe that there will be such a person to completely see themselves. Let me feel in front of her kind of stripped off the clothes like embarrassing But a little she was wrong Because he never wanted to catch my fly. Although it is difficult to accept, but I know that I am nothing to him Lover This acquaintance with him in the past 18 years, only their own never say that the mouth of the crush, I and his intersection is the most that several unexpected passion So we will never be a lover. Friends I and his father are good friends, but in my case and his situation we do not even the most basic friends. old classmate It is a pity Although I and he from primary school, junior high school, college are school. cards against humanity scholarship But the real class time is only 7 years. Long seven years But seven years to talk about the opportunity very few. In summary, we really just so simple students Maybe you will say why this way I will crush him for nearly 10 years The Wenya s argument is that he is like the sun, always a sun like dazzling smile. You are like a wind of restlessness. Have you seen a little wind when the sun is hot and light no The wind is not flowing in the sun, just as rules of cards against humanity the wind you are destined to defeat in his sun like a bright smile This is a parody But my favorite may be because of.

The most interesting is that he has never done homework, but his usual record is perfect I have been unable to understand, until I and he did the same table. I understand the mystery Fourth grade, 9,10 year old children, has also been a lot of start to understand the taste of hazy Every time as long as he raised a smile of the bright face, those who received the work of the little girls who will immediately blush, stammered, sweetly squeaky rap he remembered the next time to do. And then while digging at him, while helping him cover up the crime. Even, sometimes a lot of male students to see his smile are automatically invited to help him copy operations. The teacher saw his smile, but also a moment of fever, or maternal love, and his behavior opened his eyes closed one eye Even worse, there are several times, when he raised the familiar smile to me by my homework. Often I am very reluctant, but always let him trembling succeed And, often their own back when God, he has copied the finished Can see his charm boundless, but also see his future immeasurable Little age to know how to use the United States dollars, it seems Murong uncle s career to his hands will be able to carry forward If you work hard, it will be stronger than her The ten year old boy made a pledge for his father s app.I said you know that he used to often With us to play, to see in this friendship I do not refuse Why do you do that kind of a guilty look I thought you got it I looked at her some discouraged, the original mischief her. But Lufthansa s next sentence made me almost going to fall. But, but I also help him look he he slipped into our classroom took you those things. Lufthansa I cards against humanity king am furious at her roar, you are not my friend ah Actually do his accomplice Lufthansa infinite aggrieved and helpless sighed But but he can be considered my friend ah and I still worship the big brother When did you think of him as a big brother I threw away the hands of Lufthansa, back to the seat. Lufthansa is very excited to follow up, Yesterday it I asked him if he can do his little sister, he said can also Lufthansa cards against humanity king excited look with those animals are no different. Do you worship him I looked up at her. Ah Lufthansa desperately nodded, a fear of others do not know her worship like. I oblique her, skimpered and said That guy what is good Wait, I seem to ignore the important question. What does that guy do with my stuff I do not know Lufthansa shook his head innocent. And then suddenly snickered close to my ear quietly probably want to peep sister love letter, hee he.Michael the legendary most dazzling, the most famous big angel I m going with you I looked at him and dashed out. My mind is still hesitant but my body already has the answer. At this time I like a heart of the fire of the flying e, the original all the consequences, bent toward the bright light. Even if it knows that the end is doing it Well, it s done to your door, and my task is done Thank you for sending me back I took my luggage held in his hand. Do not you go and talk to your dad No time, too late, I should go back He looked at the watch with a smile. Azi At this time, a taxi to our side, stopped. The seniors clutched their luggage from the car in a hurry. Bleating that you told the first line with the Murong championship, so I look at it Students straight look at the Murong string, eyes have undoubtedly preparedness and hostility Look, you really should not go with me Murong chunks touch the nose, looked at me and said, he is cards against humanity king close to each of your boys like this It seems you have found a very Baby your boyfriend Only to him, seniors will have such a strong hostility But he will never understand these My seniors told me to pick me up Really seniors looked at me puzzled, see cards against humanity king my guilty bowed his head. Yes In fact, as long as I do not want, I simply do not care Murong string. Huh.

Cards Against Humanity King micircle Azi smoke sister s mouth Zhang and together. Moreover, in the country of love that person did not do love deserters I ridicule lift lift lift the mouth, even if the powerful smoke sister you have such a time I now leave to me and he is good Smoke school sister at once plug it Because I said to her sore Quiet air flowing in the car, the two did not speak again, it has continued until the arrival of the airport door. No matter how I advise you are useless, right You want to take care When are you going to come back Will you contact us Her beautiful face is full of reluctance. In fact, I have been thinking that your soul is always wandering, so you are very free and easy for everything from your photos, you have long wanted to drift in the wind outside the wonderful world, but you still stay Is it that he is stuck with your flight I do not want him, you will be free and easy, live more exciting But today you really want to fly My body because of her stiff stiff, then smiled at her, denied the meaning of words. She sighed, Azi, do not contact too much meaning At least let us know your situation ah I just laughed and left a gentle farewell kiss on her face. You learn to say goodbye to me, and ask them to forgive me for not saying good to take care Then I put the luggage head did.he end of the constantly changing neon. I looked up, looked blankly at the balloon, motionless. Traffic lights red and green, green and red. I was so, wearing a conspicuous black suit, holding a balloon standing in the car to the road to the road, attracted a lot of pedestrians strange eyes. I do not know how long stood, I took the balloon through the other side of the road. In the bustling crowd, I was at a loss. Suddenly, there was a man who hit it. I was surprised, let go of the balloon in the hands I am biting my lips to look at me from afar farther and farther, and gradually fly to the horizon of the balloon. You have to leave me Self deprecating off the mouth, I even could not even a balloon I bowed my head again to move forward, but felt some of the liquid sliding over the cheeks kept out. Is it tears cards against humanity king I quickly touched my cheeks. Hands are not accidentally feeling a burst of wetness, but why is my eyes still dry dazzling I looked up at the sky. Not tears The It was raining I could not help but feel disappointed. Rain bit by bit constantly falling in my eyes, face, body, and soon I have a body wet into a water man. Day, are you crying Are you raining for my parents This is good Since I can not cry, you cry on my behalf Rain a little bit, cry a little bit happy Purple child With.

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