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Cards Against Humanity Kingship o Several fists immediately beat to the Murong string. You are okay You can go to the far point of the place to go. In a burst of fist play, he did not forget to go back to me. Well, you have to be careful I stood up and wanted to run a little farther. He turned back to me a sign of a smile, a record kick back kicked a person. I cards against humanity kid version still ran forward Suddenly a man caught up with me, he pulled my backpack, throwing into the air. Do not I screamed I am not worried that his fist will fall on my body, but the camera. My baby camera I rushed past, but was pulled back Do not See the camera will be landing At this point, Murong string finally put the two people. He flew over and held it firmly in his arms before the camera fell off. And then homeopathic shovel over the last person swept to the ground. Are you all right His sharp eyes kept searching on my body. Nothing Nothing I was ecstatic to take the camera from his hand. Are you hurt The snowy white sleeves on his left had a little bit of blood. Is there any other place to hurt My hand hurried to walk around him. I m fine It s just a little hurt He smiled and grabbed my hand on him. Oh I blushed my hand and took it back. He turned to look at the three people who still moaning on the ground, with a face asked In the end who sent you to say I.them to Liu good reputation shame, and want to get rid of me, How can such a good thing How can I make him wish Mother s tone from the beginning of the tragic, to anger, and then to the last faint hatred. That moment I looked at my mother, feel so strange, but also poor Is this the traditional concept of Chinese women since ancient times Even the husband betrayed, the negative heart can do so patience, but also quietly for him to manage everything at home. So many years, the mother for him, how much for this home Did not he see it How could he have the heart to kick my mother kicked Mother continued to hold me cry early summer, my mother is old mother just want to have a partner do not alone a person Mom, you will not be alone, I will always be around you to take care of you I grabbed the mother s hand, looked up at her. Silly cards against humanity kingship boy, you will one day leave the house, how can you live around me After cards against humanity kingship you are independent, and can often come back to visit my mother, my mother will be satisfied Mom I cried and clasped her, the hearts of stir inexplicable complex emotions, but also can not speak a mouth. Maybe the hearts of the world s mother is as great as it For their own children, to pay everything at the expense, but never asked to return After a.

interpreted me, frowning and looking at cards against humanity kingship the shirt that I had spoiled. Is this my favorite shirt I am sorry Shirt Shirt For her tears, sacrifice you You should also be very honored He smiled and said. Have you slept early for a few days He bowed to give me a gentle night kiss, and then took off his shirt, went to the closet next to find another replacement, the way out of the quilt on the sofa. I looked at him with red eyes, his skin smooth like a good satin, long term exercise of the body was not a trace of fat, vigorous chest and even the woman s envy of the waist formed a perfect inverted triangle. Although he had a relationship with him, but I never pay attention to the original body of his good enough to make men jealous, so that women coveted Does he sleep on the couch tonight Murong, do you sleep tonight He was naked from the upper side of the wardrobe and turned over and said, in your heart, I will not be a bastard of the risk of people Really I sleep in the room. But the bed is great ah I think my face should be able to burn an egg now God I actually invited men to go to bed The He looked at me strangely and came over. Leaning over, both hands on both sides of the pillow. Then, with excitement looked at my hot face. His breath and breath with the flow of air waves in my noseld like her face desperately in tears. The two are relatively silent, she cards against humanity kingship looked at me just kept crying until her trembling hand slowly stretched over to touch me, feel my temperature, cards against humanity kingship she was excited to hug me Kept murmuring my name. You are really Azi Yes Really is Azi She cried and laughed by the non stop stroking my face. In the end what happened I pulled her to the sofa off the door, puzzled asked. Too strange Even if the re meet again after three years will not be so excited, right I should have asked you, right What happened Did not you sit on the plane two years ago With that plane what I said guilty conscience, if let Wenya know that I burst back, she will be furious You are not on the right Fortunately, you are not on, ok Really want to thank God Wen Ling happy to say, You know You had to sit 2 years ago that flight occurred in the plane crash , We cards against humanity jew pack amazon found your name on the list of victims, so we all thought you But since you did not die, why would we find your name on the list of victims Wenya wrinkled Confused said. That class plane crash You thought I was dead How could This shock is too shocking too suddenly Let me temporarily can not accept and soft lying on the sofa. Do you know that the flight was in trouble I do not know They all thought I was dead That Murong string a.swings is so big, so how can you look at me and how can I not know Hair loss said. I m sorry I faint faintly. Do not say sorry I know you can not accept me for a moment, but there is still a year, you use this year to think about it. I will wait for you in W No matter what your answer is, I have I hope you admitted to the big W told me Ok Seniors bent down my eyes, gentle said. If then I have no answer I want to forget the Murong chan a year to accept the seniors easier said than done The I am afraid of exhausting my life can not give a satisfactory answer to the seniors. I will wait As long as I know I still hope I will wait He let me, smiled. It s not easy to meet one s own, but I think you are actually part of me, after all, we are very similar. Seniors Do not say I just want you to know that if you want to fly, I ll be with you Okay Let s go Let s go, or they ll boo I looked at the hand of the student to me, I shook my head, No, I would like to stay for a while You go first After all, you are one of the protagonists tonight. Well, you remember to come down Or stay here tonight in my room The seniors winked at me ambiguous. Looking at the long school students disappeared in sight, I was really relieved, and then fell into meditation. Can I really accept seniors Can i really forge.

Cards Against Humanity Kingship ess. No matter how I advised, how dawn to righteousness, or simply shouting at him directly, furious with his fist his back, but he still his own way, even the car ride faster, scared I had to Clinging to him, so as not to be dumped by the car, that would be even worse In this way, always all the way roar all the way called, and finally I still arrived safely school. At the school gate, he is always a brakes, stopped in the middle of the road, attracted many students curious eyes. This time, I always feel very shame, rushed out of the car, looking around the students did not know, the mood was slightly calm down. And he, always blowing a whistle, the car pedal, in the school crowd quickly disappeared, even goodbye not say it. And I, always staring at his back, secretly curse a few words, this hurried ran into school. Less than a few days, the class students already know that these two days have a handsome school of other schools, cool boys in the shuttle to me. We talked about, looked at my eyes have become weird and unnatural up. I feel so annoyed, my good girl and good student image is necessary to be destroyed once But I can not explain to them, I can not stand up against the class announced that the man is just my brother it Well this is what the world, only the fifth grade, it h.cry until now Eyes and even dry out of a drop of tears. Are you cold Can the parents die so calm Cry do not cry I raised a self deprecating smile and thought. Suddenly, I felt a fainting, the body soft down. A powerful arm in a timely manner from the back of the arm around my weak body. Yes From the time I rooster teeth 8 bit salute cards against humanity know the news to the present, the arm has been on my side leaning on me, support me I thought, but for the arm, I would have fallen Last night, but also the arm of the owner of the hegemony of the porch little bit of irrigation into my mouth He has been in, has been in my side How s it Tired Said the arm gently stroking my cheek. I looked up at the face of Murong chuan, shook his head. Murong big brother, you send her sister into the rest for a while Here have me A husky voice sounded. I turned around to see my brother did not know when the face has a mature face. Here you please you Murong string will me up, arms around me to the side. I close my eyes and put the weight of the body on him. Does not she speak I opened my eyes to see Wenya look worried about me. There are other people beside me Murong aunt, Kouliu Leng, smoke school sister. She just wanted to faint, so I helped her come in for a while Murong string slowly put me in a chair, but the arm still do not leave my waist. D.

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