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Cards Against Humanity Like Games ays Pie Piezui disdain Who wants him to follow me Not to follow me better, so that all day he was annoying Although her mouth to say so, but still could not help but take the eyes secretly cast a glance that is talking loudly with his classmates, a look of God. Ugh I always sighed, feeling this thing, really tortured people As before I and Liu Zhihao, obviously like each other but want to torture each other. Zhang Ting and Lufthansa have their own heart each other, but it happens to be so unaware of the drag, let me look at the spectators are worried for them. In the end when is the head ah Perhaps Zhang Ting that kid is deliberately give Lufthansa a little lesson, by the way you can let her understand her own heart, who called Lufthansa les chiens de l'enfer cards against humanity Xiao Nizi from elementary school to junior high school has been tortured people for five years If it is me, I will be avenged. This year, the mother and the man began to frequent quarrel, evolved to the last or even three days a little noisy, five days a big noisy. Whenever their fierce quarrel sounded at the door, I will be painful to cover their ears, do not want to listen. But the quarrel sound is the most penetrating, how can I resist Their quarrel content cards against humanity like games is nothing more than trivial little things, completely tolerate the end of the past, but I.ised his head fiercely, his eyes like a wolf as fierce and brutal. He grabbed my arm and twisted me in the direction of his bike. I tried to make my whole body struggling. No, what are you doing Zhang Yanjun a look at the right, immediately rushed up. But has not rescued me, he was a push, overturned to the ground. He burst Zhang Yanjun ferocious roll away, do not care about you I was her brother Zhang Yanjun immediately ignorant, and blankly sitting on the ground watching us. Liu Zhihao, you bastard Let me I was soon turned to his car by Liu Zhihao cards against humanity like games He threw my bag and coat into the box, and rushed me to the front bar of his car the car was also in front of a bar, which could be manned and then rushed up quickly. Grasp the inside of the handlebar will be tightly imprisoned in the middle of his arms, at the foot of a kicking, the car will be washed out. My car I want to look back at the red bike that I parked under the tree, but I can not see it. Come and see tomorrow He is still a ferocious tone, spit out the hot air direct injection of my head. You know what you are doing I raised my head and roared, just to his gloomy face. Of course know, I m afraid I do not know you He looked at me despise. I know that I go back, do not need you I also mustasted his eyes staring at him, than.

e little girl walking together, of course, naturally go particularly close. Early summer, I told him to know it, I would like to make friends with him also Lufthansa suddenly eyes tightly grasp my hand, look of excitement and look forward to the expression. Do friends I stared at her, some incredible. Then think of his bad days of these days, can not help but write Piezui said I see or forget it You did not get along with him, do not know how bad he is It is a big bad guy And temper strange and irritable , Especially love the whole person the thought of him I have gas, chatter endlessly talking about his bad words, as if not to do so can not hate the general. That began because of his pick flowers to send me a good impression, but also has long been tortured by these days exhausted. Now see him, i just want to beat him But I can not, one is sure to beat, but because I was good girl, must keep the image. Look at what you said he was so terrible, how could it Lufthansa rolled his eyes, a clear do not believe the way. Do not you believe I looked up at her. Lufthansa shook his head firmly. Well, I surrendered, helpless shook his head, I can introduce you to him to know, but all the consequences of their own Oh However, Lufthansa did not understand the words of my warning, has lon.o Several fists immediately beat to the Murong string. You are okay You can go to the far point of the place to go. In a burst of fist play, he did not forget to go back to me. Well, you have to cards against humanity like games be careful I stood up and wanted to run a little farther. He turned back to me a sign of a smile, a record kick back kicked a person. I still ran forward Suddenly a man caught up with me, he pulled my backpack, throwing into the air. Do not I screamed I am not worried that his fist will fall cards against humanity add on on my body, but the camera. My baby camera I rushed past, but was pulled back Do not See the camera will be landing At this point, Murong string finally put the two people. He flew over and held it firmly in his arms before the camera fell off. And then homeopathic shovel over the last person swept to the ground. Are you all right His sharp eyes kept searching on my body. Nothing Nothing I was ecstatic to take the camera from his hand. Are you hurt The snowy white sleeves on his left had a little bit of blood. Is there any other place to hurt My hand hurried to walk around him. I m fine It s just a little hurt He smiled and grabbed my hand on him. Oh I blushed my hand and took it back. He turned to look at the three people who still moaning on the ground, with a face asked In the end who sent you to say I.ther I let the brain aimlessly roaming, eyes kept drift, Yu Guang always love on the smiling face. But the smiling face was stiff on his face. After all, big people have long enough Dad, I am leggy The young little hand pulled the father s clothes. Oh, I have forgotten Come, purple child, he is uncle Murong. I asked the occasion of the occasion, Murong uncle suddenly grinned. This is my son Murong string. Strings, fast call people Called Shangguan uncle. The little boy shouted loudly, Uncle Shangguan, the bright smile still lips. I said my brother draw 2 cards against humanity ah Your child is so small and so handsome, grow up incredible I see my daughter, or a little better away from him, so that your home to the Shui Father s bold haha big laugh. He did not know that he would come true. That s better We can make friends I have to see the blessing of children Want to come is my home high climb My family just opened a small factory, and then I know Murong home is the architectural family. Is indeed a high climb I looked at them boredly and found that they really talked more and more How can you talk to friends But also talk about the matter of doing things Looked back at the boy called the Murong string, found that he did not seem to listen, eyes turn not staring at the basketball court. Good boy Dad I want to re.

Cards Against Humanity Like Games dare not listen to my words He was very proud to say, his face looked domineering, but only I feel very disgusted. Early summer, he suddenly clinging to me, bowed his head obsessed at me, put the soft voice, follow me I will not let you suffer I can let you live in houses, With precious jewelry what you want I can buy you As long as you are willing to follow me You, dream I fiercely spit him a mouth, spit his face spittle, very embarrassed. He wiped his face with his hands saliva, eyes instantly become cruel and cruel up. I do not scolded back to stare at him, almost to the eye stink. Do not eat a fine drink He cursed a curse, then began to tear my clothes. Do not I struggled, his hands in the chest want to push him, and he was a bitter slap in the face, playing me almost syncope in the past. So cards against humanity like games I wake up, I have been off his naked, his hands tied with his belt. He was lying on me creeping, and suck and lick and bite, it looks like a disgusting maggots I sobbed low, no strength to resist. He suddenly lifted a pair of more and more deep, filled with desire eyes looked at me, and then began to undress. I closed my eyes and looked disgusted, but he grabbed my chin and said, Open your eyes and look at me. Pain so that I can not help but opened his eyes, they saw h.esktop, while burst of bursts of my heart in the heart, unspeakable bitter only I know, very uncomfortable, very uncomfortable ah Later, his class teacher called again many times, my mother tried to hide, did not tell his father. My mother also privately looked Liu Zhijuan conversation, I hope he can be lost to know, back in time, but that guy usually hate my mother, how can listen cards against humanity like games to her words Until the end of the final exam, his class teacher called again to parents to go to school trip, my mother had to tell his father had. That afternoon his father took the time to run a trip to school, came back when his face has become livid, eyes exceptionally hard. From his conversation with his mother, I faintly learned that the final exam, Liu Zhihao not a section of passing, even more than ten points in English. The class teacher suggested that his father let him transfer, said that this result is not in Daewoo to stay in the next, the future will seriously affect the school enrollment rate. Later, his father said good and bad, and even revealed his relationship in the Education Bureau, but also hinted that he will send a gift teacher, so that his class teacher reluctantly nodded promised to let him stay, but also must be repeat. And provides that if the next year s final exam, fiv.

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