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Cards Against Humanity List heard this, I immediately felt myself fainted. Gan Sha Sha stole someone else s wallet to buy things, and later found no money in the wallet, and then the menacing men come to someone else accounts Yan Sha angry to seize the collar of Zhang Ting, almost grabbed him up. You let me lose face you know I said good please others, the results to the canteen found no money inside Said, where the money to go Is cards against humanity list not you hiding Yan Sha asked So confidently, as if the wallet should have been her, and that the money will be hidden Zhang Ting was the culprit. I, I did not hide the money Zhang Ting Neiner, and said blankly, as if it was like to eat the momentum of Lufthansa scared ignorant. Why do not you have money Must you be hidden You would like to hide, do not want to let me spend, is not it Lufthansa continued staring at the questioning. I m down What about her Of course, people are willing to hide and do not want to let you spend it No, not Zhang Ting stuttering to try to explain, but also by Luansha burst of face to face the chaos. Finally Zhang Ting intolerable, stand up and smashed Luanshu shouted I did not This is a lion roar, shocked the classroom classmates surprised, but also to look at the two of them. Character Confucian weak Zhang Ting will be so roar people Everyb.only to hear me say killed the word, the body tightened, eyes more and more upset. He fixed look at me, looked for a long time, the eyes of strange light in the flashing. In his eyes, I was very uncomfortable, was trying to cards against humanity list use a broom to beat him, that he is evil. But he suddenly opened his mouth, the sound is very unnatural. Just now, just on the road see a girl like your back also wearing your school uniforms, carrying a bag ride on the road What happened I looked at him strangely, feeling that his unusual demeanor and tone seemed to be frightened. She He swallowed his throat, eyes some erratic, as if in the power of calm. She is not far ahead of me, I thought it was you, I was about to call her when a, a truck suddenly rushed out from another street she was hit fly out of me, I was frightened thought that was you Then, then what happened to her I was scared, the voice was shaking, his left hand clutching his chest clothes. She the girl lying in a pool of blood dead I approached a look, that car, that bag is not your I look at her face Fortunately, not you, but fortunately not you he said very frightened, people riding in the car will lean over, raised his right hand gently gently h.

less times in the dream of the face, countless times in the minds of the deep outline of the face, I seem to really in the magic like, blankly can not say anything. In the early summer, you can not speak it Well, you still love me right You just because of some other things, so I deliberately say those words Come to me, want to lie to me right His deep Staring at me, as if you want to see me in a flash. Suddenly I opened my mouth, but did not know what to cards against humanity 6th expansion say. Why has always been some stupid him, this time actually guess so accurate So I forgot, in fact, he has always been a small and always a smart and sensitive boy If you are hesitant because of the relationship between our brothers and sisters, then you do not have to worry, I will try to persuade my dad and grandma. If, if it is not, they really do not agree then we leave here cards against humanity 5 expansion City, or leave the province, where to go is good, as long as the two of us Do not be silly I suddenly sneer interrupted his words, the ho brother, I am not because of the relationship between siblings and worry, not for anything else and lie to you, I really do not love you Ah I admit that a child I have always liked you, but now want to come that is only a moment of obsession and worship only, it is not true love. True love. $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);u He stunned again and again several steps, but fortunately, relying on the table was stopped. And I still cling to him tightly, did not let go. He hesitated to pull my arm, separated from me, and then looked down at me, a look of incredible Cards Against Humanity: Science Pack expression. He asked early summer, you just say what My tears poured again, but I smiled and said to him fool I said I love you, love you He was stunned, and then an ecstatic passion to his face, his eyes become extremely bright, his lips trembling slightly. Early summer you, are you really Ah I forced a nod, clenched his lower lip, mouth deflated has been clear is still crying or laughing. Oh early summer He heard a long sigh, no longer hesitate to hold me tightly, in my ear gently said I love you I know, fool you re a fool I laughed softly in his ear. That moment if I said we as if to heaven, that is not too much ah That moment filled with thick joy, happiness, satisfaction, cherish, is my life has never experienced the wonderful taste. We are tightly embraced, the body trembling slightly, it is joy, excited trembling, is already two already admire the heart finally put away the hard shell and the shell on the sharp thorns, together with the generated by the shock current , And then instantly jumping out.

Cards Against Humanity List is hand helplessly said, I know you are stubborn I know you cards against humanity list can not bear my jump I said with a slight smile. Smoke sister looked at me, smiled Smile people scratching their heads. I think our Azi finally came back No longer the last day of the dead Azi You really can not tell me your plan Now I m not the one before me I sighed with a deep voice, if you cards against humanity list give me your cell phone I think I do not mind telling my intention Why Smoke school sister to avoid my eyes, guilty of the hidden in the back of the phone, pushed far away. You see I picked up my cell phone. Sure enough, as I expected, the phone is in a state of conversation, and the answer is the Murong string From another part of the phone also came his call my voice. Good Talk time has been almost ten minutes That is to say that we just talk to him all clear I am angry off the phone, bitterly staring at the smoke sister Uh I am also for you good smoke sister pretend to concentrate on driving to escape my murderous eyes. These days, I see him very good for you He knows it is useless I was bent to go That is to say, but the thought of him now is the way to the rush, the mood is also some Why do you have to go there When did you decide You decided to be so hastily I heard that I was determined to go, and the smoke sister was anxious to.He cheerfully whistled, then turned to the door to walk, but also back to me waved my hand to show goodbye. Look at his back, I can not help but laugh. Two A month later, the mother and the man, such as about the wedding. Said the wedding, in fact, cards against humanity list only at home to do a few tables only banquet. Please the man s friends and family, my mother came here only a few of her young classmates, because we almost no relatives can please. After marriage, my mother and I moved to their home. In fact, we simply do not have anything to take, salute exceptionally simple. Their house is very large, I can live alone, this is the only place to make me happy. But they live in the suburbs, from school to go far after, and can no longer walk. Let s ride it. Mother told me this. But, but I will not. I whispered softly. The mother some helpless, then I have changed my father called the father came called the ho teach her. That small tyrants, what car will ride. However, before learning can not let her walk to school, simply let Ho ho ride her, anyway, their school is very close. In this way, I started with Liu Zhihao school and school day. However, he seems very unhappy to ride me. Do not know because people are tired, or because the car with a little girl undermine the image of his hero, or both of them, i.

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