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Cards cards against humanity military Against Humanity Military is hand helplessly said, I know you are stubborn I know you can not bear my jump I said with a slight smile. Smoke sister looked at me, smiled Smile people scratching their heads. I think our Azi finally came back No longer the last day of cards against humanity military the dead Azi You really can not tell me your plan Now I m not the one before me I sighed with a deep voice, if you give me your cell phone I think I do not mind telling my intention Why Smoke school sister to avoid my eyes, guilty of the hidden in the back of the phone, pushed far away. You see I picked up my cell phone. Sure enough, as I expected, the phone is in a state of conversation, and the answer is the Murong string From another part of the phone also came his call my voice. Good Talk time has been almost ten minutes That is to say that we just talk to him all clear I am angry off the phone, bitterly staring at the smoke sister Uh I am also for you good smoke sister pretend to concentrate on driving to escape my murderous eyes. These days, I see him very good for you He knows it is useless cards against humanity military I was bent to go That is to say, but the thought of him now is the way to the rush, the mood is also some Why do you have to go there When did you decide You decided to be so hastily I heard that I was determined to go, and the smoke sister was anxious shook my head, I want to leave alone You can not go How can you go Our things have not been resolved, you can not go He roared, like a child is not satisfied with the malicious abandoned. I looked at him in tears, Do you love me Woman is actually very simple Perhaps, cards against humanity military as long as he said I love you I will stay He stopped live, and black bottomless eyes can not see the mood. Stopped his staff and guards also looked at us breathtaking, and even rush out of the travelers have also slowed down the pace, there are many simply stopped to stop to watch. Time seems to be at this moment, and he is the center of the earth. Is not I say I love you , you will stay His eyes locked me tightly, like trying to capture my face a shred of expression, so that he wanted the answer. He ran down, I heard a slight sigh around the slightest female sigh. I lay down my eyes and hold back cards against humanity 5sos the tears, You do not know, is not it I do not blame him Really The fact that this month is too much, too much to breathe. Naturally there is no time to let him calm down carefully thought. So many years ago, he did not how much I feel, how can I expect him to fall in love with me, and even find themselves in love with me He does not know that should be, I understand. But why is my heart still colic I obviously understand th.

Michael the legendary most dazzling, the most famous big angel I m going with you I looked at him and dashed out. My mind is still hesitant but my body already has the answer. At this time I like a heart of the fire of the flying e, the original all the consequences, bent toward the bright light. Even if it knows that the end is doing it Well, it s done to your door, and my task is done Thank you for sending me back I took my luggage held in his hand. Do not you go and talk to your dad No time, too late, I should go back He looked at the watch with a smile. Azi At this time, a cards against humanity expansion 6 card list taxi to our side, stopped. The seniors clutched their luggage from the car in a hurry. Bleating that you told the first line with the Murong championship, so I look at it Students straight look at the Murong string, eyes have undoubtedly preparedness and hostility Look, you really should not go with me Murong chunks touch the nose, looked at me and said, he is close to each of your boys like this It seems you have found a very Baby your boyfriend Only to him, seniors will have such a strong hostility But he will never understand these My seniors told me to pick me up Really seniors looked at me puzzled, see my guilty bowed his head. Yes In fact, as long as I do not want, I simply do not care Murong string. Huh.s also pulled by the teacher said he kept, I was silent. I have always thought that pure Wenya and the sun he is the most with. Correct This girl is suitable for him like this. After all, Cheng Yi is too active, too unruly Although she is beautiful Come You have to take a picture with the teacher So, after the teacher to show off to others who have taught such a good student ah The teacher took me to the Hall of Fame in one hand and smiled at the Murong Chou and waved him over. Teacher No, right This is so terrible ah Come on Guan Wen Ling, you get the camera The teacher side finishing the appearance, while the force is trying to sneak away me, mercilessly pull back it hurts I was no psychological preparation, she was abruptly pulled back, the footsteps of instability, seeing and the ground will do a close contact Can not escape I pretended to close my eyes, ready to meet the cold ground and the pain of expectation. Suddenly, one arm hugged my waist. I was passive to make a 180 degree rotation, fell into a warm embrace. At this time a white light flashed, and then sounded Kacha sound Chapter two Fate is really joking See the school posted after the new class, I think. Do not know if anyone wants to shift the way After all, my class has the province s first, there are new school I moved to feel like tears, the mother went on to say But in the early summer, you are still just a child, and in adolescence, a lot of things easy to make mistakes mother hesitantly. Mom I looked at her some puzzled. What does the mother want to say to me You are too young, do not know what is love so feelings of things, do not get involved Once caught in, it will affect your study, affect your future Mom is for you So you must listen to your mother I know my mother s meaning, she does not want me to puppy love. But I did not puppy love, why did she say these words Just listen to the mother and low There early summer, I do not care what you and what happened between the children, but he is always your brother, this will never change, understand I nodded blankly, with strange look at the same look strange mother. Mother she did not say wrong, he is my brother But why, why my heart will be slightly tight, slightly hurt it After the pain, is an empty feeling, as if the heart was hollowed out of the feeling That afternoon, Liu Zhihao pushed my car back, but I did not care for him, not cold for him. After not long, I put forward no longer with him to school and school home requirements. Perhaps my tone was too firm, hurt him, he did not sa.

Cards Against Humanity Military test, you can, you must adhere to Oh I clearly feel his eyes moist, do not know what to say, just smiled and she nodded. Zhang Ting also came over, holding the eyes on the bridge of the glasses, revealing a gentle and calm smile said to me early summer, Lufthansa said yes, you have always been the best.Therefore, this time a small Failure is nothing, come back next year, as long as you can insist, you will be able to get what you want Thank you that moment, I do not know what to say, but the heart was clearly felt a warm current in the meandering flow, my cold heart inch inch tolerance, cover, and then melt That day we talked late until the evening came, until they had to leave. Separate and cherish the words again and again, cards against humanity 6th edition we are very reluctant to give up. When the door came to the ward, Lufthansa suddenly turned around, rushed to cling to me tightly. Cold tears from her cheek quietly fall, dripping into my neck. At that moment, unspeakable sour again clawed my heart, I also raised his hand tightly around her. Do not want to let go, do not want to let go This long absence of warm Oh Early summer Lufthansa choked incomprehensible, I still see her for the first time. Do not forget me do not forget me How can I I patted her back gently, soft comfor.n a few of your school brother wrapped around to dance with her ah Is not hiding in what place I remember that you had promised me to send me a beautiful sunset photo, and now you have graduated, the photo Wenya saliva with a face, eyes bright like watching seniors. Oh, it s in my room, I ll get it for you At this time, just a few school brother rickety came, his mouth also shouting drunk words, clamoring to fill the seniors, leaving the student s drunk to commemorate. We have not seen you drunk Today we must take you drunk, or no chance in the cards against humanity military future No I have something to do You will spare me this time Do not have to discuss Brothers, on Several brothers so hard to drag the students go. I am looking at the funny side of the school side to ask the younger brother to gradually drag away the figure. Hey Give you a little face, you are mercy Azerbaijan Then you go to my room to help me to the text of the picture to win it It is on the third layer of the bookshelf of the blue phase of the thin. Thank you Dragged and walked back to me. Bookcase third layer blue I stood looking at the bookshelf of the room. Huh found it I took out the thin, sit down at the desk and slowly read the photo of the seniors. Once again, we were shocked by photograph and seniors talent So beautiful, so emotional.

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