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Cards Against Humanity Packs moke school sister suddenly rushed to me, caught my arms, pulled me. Crazy to shake my body, you do not have enough Do you think this will be able to escape the problem You see, how many people here care about you You are not the case You wake up ah I looked at the eyes of the puppy eyes of the smoke of the smoke sister. People who care about me You do not like this, you calm down Kouliu Lie from the back to catch the smoke sister, and cards against humanity packs Murong string put me tightly locked in his arms, prepared to look at her. She needs time I am afraid she needs a lifetime of time She took a deep breath, quietly staring at my pique said. Do not matter to me anyway Then my brother came in, and felt the strange atmosphere inside, he asked the type of provocative look to the Murong string. The latter shook his head, gave him a normal smile. Song brother came Let him come in Seems to feel my body a little stiff, Murong string and slightly tighten the ring in my waist hand strength. I looked up at him, he gave me a smile of encouragement. Azi I m sorry, I came back late The seniors came in a worried look at me. Eyes on my sluggish eyes, sliding over the pale face, slippery to the thin body, the last set in my waist on the hand. His eyes flashed a trace of pain, a trace of sadness, a trace of relieved. Fina.ld like her face desperately in tears. The two are relatively silent, she looked at me just kept crying until her trembling hand slowly stretched over to touch me, feel my temperature, she was excited to hug me Kept murmuring my name. You are really Azi Yes Really is Azi She cried and laughed by the non stop stroking my face. In the end what happened I pulled her to the sofa off the door, puzzled asked. Too strange Even if the re meet again after three years will not be so excited, right I should have asked you, right What happened Did not you sit on the plane two years ago With that plane what I said guilty conscience, if let Wenya know that I burst back, she will be furious You are not on the right Fortunately, you are not on, ok Really want to thank God Wen Ling happy to say, You know You had to sit 2 years ago that flight occurred in the plane crash , We found your name on the list of victims, so we all thought you But since you did not die, why would we find your name on the list of victims Wenya wrinkled Confused said. That class plane crash You thought I was dead How could This shock is too shocking too suddenly Let me temporarily can not accept and soft lying on the sofa. Do you know that the flight was in trouble I do not know They all thought I was dead That Murong string a.

them to Liu good reputation shame, and want to get rid of me, How can such a good thing How can I make him wish Mother s tone from the beginning of the tragic, to anger, and then to the last faint hatred. That moment I looked at my mother, feel so strange, but also poor Is this the traditional concept of Chinese women since ancient times Even the husband betrayed, the negative heart can do so patience, but also quietly for cards against humanity update him to manage everything at home. So many years, the mother for him, how much for this home Did not he see it How could he have the heart to kick my mother kicked Mother continued to hold me cry early summer, my mother is old mother just want to have a partner do not cards against humanity packs alone a person Mom, you will not be alone, I will always be around you to take care of you I grabbed the mother s hand, looked up at her. Silly boy, you will one day leave the house, how can you live around me After you are independent, and can often come back to visit my mother, my mother will be satisfied Mom I cried and clasped her, the hearts of stir inexplicable complex emotions, but also can not cards against humanity packs speak a mouth. Maybe the hearts of the world s mother is as great as it For their own children, to pay everything at the expense, but never asked to return After shrinking backwards For my body s response, I and seniors are stunned The seniors first turned back to God, and he held my hand firmly, and could not hold my hand again half the room. Slowly put the ring into my hands. I can only silently look at the ring slowly into my hands. Until the ring has been set into my ring finger, students are satisfied to let go of my hand. I slowly open the hand, looking at my hands the ring, the hearts of a strange feeling. Always feel So, I slowly hanging hands. But when I lay my hand, the ring slipped from my ring finger and dropped it on the ground. I and the seniors surprised to see the ground that day also set in my hands the ring How can it be The Looking at the ground that was like a broken diamond ring, my heart is really mixed feelings But it is more clear that the feeling of relief. I looked up, looking at his face burst of blue burst of white seniors, then the line of sight to their slender cards against humanity packs fingers. No Usually work cautious seniors, there is no possibility to know the size of my ring finger to buy the wrong ring ah What exactly is that I still frowned thinking this is impossible, but suddenly heard the seniors low and laughed, but also laugh more loudly, and finally evolved into an irreparable laughter Seniors I am worried about watching own The But if those girls think you are already the other half of their fit What about this Looking at him, I bitter thought. How are you so long ah At this time waiting for a little impatient Fang Shaowei opened the door and looked at me and Murong string, as my cancellation My interview is already right Murong string quickly suggested to me blinked. You have promised me You do not want to slip You know, you I want to quick battle Fang Shaoyi impatient to have been to the door of the Murong string said. Let s start Really is quick fix Less than half an hour to complete the other side of the interview. But most of the sharp problems. For example, why he was about three months for a girlfriend and so on, have been his skillfully deflected. I finally asked, why do you promise to do an cards against humanity king interview Murong string in the end agreed to what you asked When he got up to go, I could not help but asked. You call Shangguan purple it I will remember you He did not answer, just back to give me a unique smile, the chic to go December 8 sunny He said he was looking for another semicircle fit, in the end who is it But it will not be me And in the end Murong string and he signed what the humiliation of the treaty The I heard that the four princes of the campus theme is very successful Yes, then you.

Cards Against Humanity Packs attention are concentrated in my body, including into the Min Min. I can go by myself. Now I just want to leave this place as soon as possible, leave his line of sight as chilled chaos cards against humanity 6 soon as possible. I can not stand it anymore, I will not collapse before his face I turned and left, Wen Ling with anxious to keep up with. He is not assured with us behind. You re standing I took a deep breath. You ll see what you can do Shangguan purple Wen Ling, let s go I called the stupid like a wooden chicken, like a victory like a goddess of war exit. I m sorry This is the 15th person I ve been hit. Azi, you desperate, it will not be into the cocoon hit the head You really do not go to the school room to check it Wen Ling look worried with me behind. No, I m fine My mind has been echoing that sentence, as if the sound of the sound of the brain, has been lingering. Azi You do not like this Wen Ling a pull me. What look Looking at the text of the eyes of me, I said with caution. Wen Ling did not speak, she just staring at me, long time long until I turned to go forward, she sighed, Azi How long How long has it been I did not look back, just stopped and asked me to ask. How long have you liked him In the end or let the text Aya see I clenched my lips tightly. As if a century as long, I was faint to say, I do no.e is no reason to believe it or baby. Liu Zhixao one, blowing the forehead before the flow of the sea, disdain of the laughed frog uncle how you so sure this frog is only cards against humanity packs public, if it is only the mother, is the frog aunt Side of the small fly made a disgusting action. It s better to call the frog s sister. Frog sister This reminds me of a childhood read a fairy tale. Chubby brother if thoughtfully, a mussel into a fairy sister, to her favorite people to cook, and later two people through Since there is a mussel fairy sister, it is better to add two words, called it frog fairy sister how Good Zhang Ting is very excited to push a mirror, the face close to the glass bottle, big frog with big eyes on the small eyes, four eyes on the two. Frog fairy sister, frog fairy sister maybe it is really a fairy change it, maybe we really caught the fairy Zhang Ting shaking his head, continue with the big frog as the view. Bad, I still think the frog baby good Lufthansa shook his head, insisted his own name. No, or frog uncle I also insisted. Well, I like to call it a frog aunt. Liu Zhihao touched his chin. No, the frog sister better How beautiful and simple name you, that you are too long Xiaofao wow wow cried. Frog fairy sister better Chubby brother and Zhang Ting at the same time rushed.

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