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Cards Against Humanity Q And A ittent voice of the corridor. cards against humanity q and a Well, it s all right just a little bit of a slight injury well, I ll deal with that, the perpetrator promised to be responsible well, we ll get back soon after dealing with it, do not worry well, so Then he Came back, looked obediently leaning against the emergency room wall of the young one, coldly Today s medical expenses you have to pay, and have to be out of three hundred dollars for her two days of dressing. Ah Three hundred you blackmail ah That young man heard immediately after standing straight body, waving protest. Liu Zhihao but too lazy and his mouth, just shook the hands of the fist, then the young arrogance immediately down. Desperation, he took out his wallet, took out three hundred dollar bills in front of Liu Zhixao shook, staring That, plus today with only three hundred No more, you love to not Liu Zhihao did not care for him, grabbed the hands of his wallet opened to see. That young man was anxious to rush to rush back, but was Liu Zhihao a dodge, and then he stared at the young one, that young people will not dare to move again. Cut This is not there Liu from the wallet and pulled out two hundred dollar bills in the young eyes shaking. The young man hated his teeth, and his eyes were about to fire. Liu Zhijiao from.y cards against humanity custom cards kicked open. Bang sound hit the wall, and then pitiful rebounded back, issued babbling, gorgeous voice. Everyone in the school room pretended to work without any other work, aiming at each other, no trace of the movement of their own location. And then close your eyes, silently count one, two, three Accurate in the number of three, a folder in the crowd s head flew. Snapped hit the poor door, and then accurately landing. Mad at me Smoke sister cheered a cry, and then the whole person unable to fall in the seat. Smoke school sister, first drink Coke Consumers Bleating time to offer a cup of Coke to smoke sister mouth, flirtatious smile. Smoke sister stared baa baa good for a while, only slowly picked up Coke drink out. At this point, all the people just a little breath but only a little Ah, seniors, we are not going to the principal there We are not about the principal interview today I blinked to the seniors, took the seniors ran out. Slow In my hand contact with the door when the back came the smoke school sister teeth teeth sound. You are all sitting back to your place Oops Can not escape I and the seniors had to go back to the dingy. An unknown premonition cage on the heart. You You Smoke school sister s fiber finger finger refers to the seniors and Koulie Lie. You two really us.

out of the courtyard You do not call I want to die nausea ah That kind of vicious look like a child would like to beat people. I also rolled his eyes, that the hospital is his good friend and brother of the chubby brother and small flying. That several times the cat is called their contact, both can let Liu Zhijao know, but also can not be found by adults, and then to find an excuse to sneak out to play. However, chubby brother and small fly to imitate the ability of the cat is also too strong Actually able to imitate to that extent, every time I can and Liu Zhi from a goose bumps. Come on, catch the fish to go Liu Zhihao stared at the wall, turned and rushed me. I looked down at the hands of the kettle and shovel, shook his head No, I have to weed, watering, no time to play. He threw the hands of my kettle and flower shovel thrown to the ground, the first did not go back to me and ran, ran and said Those things, so come back to do I had to bite the bullet and ran out of the yard, and so confluent outside the wall chubby brother and small fly, we will go to the alley behind. Liu Jiaxiang had been in the suburbs, not far from the mountains after the mountains, a river and a few streams, and a glance of the green fields. Here, there is not the original natural pollution of the.from my body. I can not see anything in front, only to see a dark despair The beast also reluctantly in my body stroked, swim, and I have no sense of any. He screamed to my ear and gently smiled, the evil voice forced into my ears early summer everything you are fascinated me cards against humanity q and a I want you more and more but here today Well, that nurse is coming back, but I will come to you His evil voice, his evil tone, let my anger again aroused, I looked at him with a deep seated hatred Roll the beast You never expect me to touch me He was a smile of evil smile stood up and began to wear clothes, while wearing the side I Liu Zhiwei things, but also never get You roll I roared again at him. He shrugged, actually with a look of innocent look, came to squeeze my face, and then went out. I do not know how long they lie there in the end until you hear the voice of Yang sister back. I slowly got up, hold back the pain between the legs, picked up the clothes from the ground to wear silently, and then went to the bathroom, the water to the maximum. Crashed the sound of water can cover my pain sobbing, I love to cry, let the hot water again and again washed my body, my face, my tears and hot water together throughout the body, will me The body of the dirty and dirty all washed awayied for the rest of my life Eleven pass message, his voice with the usual no joy, purple children I as a godfather The boy called Gan Nianyun, he is The fifteenth pass message, the phone came a drunken voice, kept with a lover like a low voice, purple children Purple children Purple children The eighteenth message, his voice there is a trace of excitement, purple children I put your dream home into a reality I call it Aster, do you think it It is also recommended to go to the competition The second pass message, he faintly said, I am afraid that one day, the telephone recording of the tape full of this how to do My tears have been covered with my face, but the tears or cards against humanity q and a non stop flow, non stop flow No wonder there are several calls are no sound, always beep after the hang up Twenty second message, I dreamed of you last night But when I want to hold you, cards against humanity q and a you have not seen After listening to all the messages, I have already crying into tears This fool Has he been like this three years What is he thinking How many times did he cry From my back to the present, although he has not seen him, but he has been let me cry. Let me have been for his three years for what I have done and moved, and cry let me stop for two years ago the decision and regret let me always for his silly, his sad and Di.

Cards Against Humanity Q And A do not know how cards against humanity rite aid to face him Three years later, after three years later, after I have suffered so much suffering, so much torture after I was not the original that I, how do I have to face him The Not long after, I heard him chase footsteps, the more chase the more recent. And I have not run, so I had to stop and face. Although I do not know how to face. But sooner or later to face, is not it The total to come, it is better to let it now come now. When I stopped, I found that I had gone to the river. This is accompanied by my young age and my mother grew up with the river ah, has brought us how much joy, how many beautiful days, and now only has become a good memory only. This river is no longer the shadow of cards against humanity 6th expansion the year. Several chemical plants in the upper reaches of the past few years continue to discharge wastewater in the river, and many city rubbish are dumped here. So the river has become dirty and dark, the water is still floating all sorts of garbage and dead sheep dead sheep. A stock smell, rancid smell floated from the river, people within 10 meters can not close. The river has long been no fish, and even shrimp do not see one, let alone we caught the kind of big fish that year. There is no old man to the river fishing, no one to the river walk, and here has become inaccessib.lips without shaking, do not let their voice trembling, do not let their body trembling. I make my appearance look like a quiet silence of the Millennium spring, there is no waves, only the eternal calm, endless deep and deep seated cold. That is what I just said that we have ended, and nothing is the river, you see, that yard, you see. Our relationship is like them, has been dilapidated So go back to your provincial capital to be a policeman, do not come to me again. No, he suddenly roared loudly, and the sound shook my ears almost deaf. I do not understand why our relationship is over Why do we say that we can not get back His amount of blue veins angry jump, his eyes Jue want to spray the fire, his face instantly pale. He does not consciously pinch my arm, almost to break it off. Pain I exclaimed. His eyes squint, unconsciously let go of me. Early summer, you do not promise to wait for me Suddenly he grabbed my shoulders, pale with a face, with the kind of eyes looked almost cards against humanity q and a cried me, the sound has begun to dumb. I m sorry, I am sorry. I do not face to face, exhausted all my strength was relentlessly said, I did not wait for you I am sorry I do not ask you to forgive me, just ask you not to find I let us so scattered it I do not want to be scattere.

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