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Cards Against Humanity Retail man stroked the sentence under the ruthless words, I and Liu are not seriously. But can not think of, he really find someone to revenge. It was late for the evening, and I rode on the dim street as usual, and suddenly saw cards against humanity 6th expansion spoiler a few young people standing in front of a bright street lamp. They are crooked with each other, his mouth dangling from the smoke, idle like in the cool. All these young people are very ferocious look, some dyed blonde, some wearing a ear with a metal earrings in the street lights shining light, and some wearing a leather jacket body with metal chain The They are very cards against humanity retail tall, cast on the ground dark shadow, long has been extended to my wheel under. Fear suddenly occupied my mind, control of my body. I was trembling, crouched over their side, nervous and alert, and if they had a move, I rushed to the fastest speed. Call I long hissing, but fortunately they did not move, but cards against humanity retail one of them tilted his head looked at me, eyes some complicated, but they did not embarrass me after all. My heart is still thump thump of the violent beating, a single girl riding on such a night road, run into such a group of people, how can people not fear it I was trying to speed up the danger, but suddenly heard the back of the group cried smelly boy, see where you run That moment is like a li.ok a few steps, was stopped by Chen Bo. He scratched his head and looked at me embarrassed. Do not let these elderly people nosy. You do not go back again Chen Bo live so many years so few people wrong, Mr. Murong really is a rare good people. I am looking forward to drink your favorite wine Even if you do not ask me to drink a cup, please ask me to eat a candy, Chen Bo is also very happy Chen Bo It seems that I am still too many things You quickly go up Chen Bo Ci Xiang looked at me, waved to urge me up. I took out the key, looking at this three years away from the house, the ear also echoed just Chen Bo sincere and concerned about the words. Snapped the key from my hands off I squatted my body and picked it up and found my hand trembling all the time. The key can not be aligned with the door, and even almost even the key can not be stabilized My heart is full of inexplicable fear and excitement one is near home foolish, and second, I am afraid that waiting for me is more touched Is his more mind Finally opened the door finally, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and then suddenly pushed open the door of the virtual. The things that came to the eye were just as three years ago when I left, and even three years ago when I left the cup on the table at this time still quietly resting.

e so fascinated, I thought in my heart. When he was close to me, that body sweat immediately let me frown, do not want me to immediately retreated two steps. Very smelly He saw me hide the nose, and some innocent raised his arms and smelled it. That body sweat is actually not smelly, but there is a strange taste, a kind of boys have the taste. This taste is very strong, I do not like. Because I just want to smell will become very uncomfortable, heartbeat began to control the disorder, the body skin will not consciously play some subtle changes, ideas began to clear, my mind do not know what to think. Do not smell ah He smelled and did not smell what taste, so some puzzled. Anyway, it is very unpleasant I am some anxious, do not want to admit that his sweat had a great impact on me. How could I see my game today He wiped his sweat up and down with a towel and concealed his face. Probably because of winning the ball, so very excited, I looked at his face so think, but forget he is a do not care about basketball do not care about the game people. So you chant Or for what Today for the first time you actually than I was late, so I had to wait for you myself I said insincere, do not want to let him know that I really want to see him in the game, Look at his way of playings, he is a person sitting in the car quietly looking at my room, thinking of me. But my room lights are never bright It s always dark Why is he so hard He was clearly know that I would never come back ah Miss Shangguan, you all right Chen Bo looked at me with concern I m fine With the tears, I laugh at Chen Bo. But I think this smile should be more ugly than cry Or why Chen Bo s eyebrows wrinkled more tight Ah Seems to see my emotions, Chen Bo smiled and transferred my attention. But he did not come again, but he was very attentive to the house, because the last time you helped clean the aunt accidentally broke the inside of a cup of things, he knows, but this may be another person Report to him Another man My voice is already a bit hoarse. Mr. Murong also hired a man. This person is your upstairs Mrs. Lee ah He asked her to help you pay all the miscellaneous fees, but the most important thing is to regularly help you change the phone battery. Maybe Mr. Murong is afraid you call back Is it I m confused Why must we regularly help the phone for the battery Everyone thought I was dead, should no one will call my home ah Then the more I think the more I do not understand. Chen Bo, nothing, then I first go up Thank you for telling me these. I sincerely said to Chen Bo. Miss Shangguan I to.weat flow into that, really intense exercise. I saw that guy, he was in the red team, wearing No. 7 jersey. Now he is sweat, whirring straight breath, a group of another group of white mist from his mouth, then disappeared in the wet air. I look at the scoreboard, 67 64 Day He is also the red team is also a third of the team And time is running out. Is not that he is very powerful How do you lose the ball Then a girl next to me almost nervous girl shaking the other side of the girl s shoulder, anxiously asked how to do How to cards against humanity 12 days do Red team worse one That was shaking the dizzy girl turned out to blink of an eye That is what way Who called the blue team is composed of high school sophomore And the red team is a high one only, will lose is also a matter of course It s not bad to be able to do this But, but I do not want the basketball prince to lose it That nervous girl pitiful Road. I do not want him to lose The white eyed girl muttered, Oh, or concentrate on watching the game, all to the last minute At this time I do not know which girls lead the field, and began a wave of another wave of crying refueling sound. Red team refueling Basketball prince Come on Red team refueling Basketball prince Come on Red team refueling Basketball prince Come on The atmosphere suddenly became very wa.

Cards Against Humanity Retail t today is such a rare day, is worth celebrating the day Usually there is such a chance Zhang Yanjun conceal his face of excitement, eyes shining in the dark shiny okay. I hesitated nodded, perhaps excitedly dazzled, perhaps by his enthusiasm for infection, actually forgot that there is a person waiting for me. So I made a mistake. When Liu Zhixao that guy like a violent lion rushed in, I and Zhang Yanjun is a snack bar in one of the barbecue restaurant eating barbecue. Because the store is very hot, I will only wear that red dress, cheeks because of the reasons for the barbecue warm, red glowing, his eyes because cards against humanity retail of the small stove in front of being smoked shiny. At that time, Zhang Yanjun is talking about a funny joke, I presumptuous smile, laugh twist. Liu Zhixao rushed in, just to see my look like this. And when I looked up, I saw his angry want to kill the way, the smile immediately stiff in the face. I remembered the afternoon with him that good, after dinner with him to go home, and I actually forgot. He must be anxious I stand up stiff, just want to say something apology, but he grabbed my bag and jacket, grabbed my wrist and went out to the store. I tried to break free of cards against humanity retail his clamp, but how can not earn. Wait, what are you doing I am anxious, shouting at him. Go.ents how serious cards against humanity retail the consequences Family, friends, classmates are all standing on the side of the seniors However, this is my own kind of fruit, so I had to recognize it Oh, I do not say it She was silent for a while, said, maybe for a point of Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion view, you will like the Murong string is not unreasonable, because he is like the sun, always a sun like dazzling You have seen the wind when the sun is hot and light, there will be a little wind No The wind in the sun did not dare to flow, just as the wind You are destined to be defeated in his sun like a bright smile Until the text and silk through the phone after a long time, I was still sitting there thinking of the words of the sentence. It seems a bit reasonable, it seems like a fallacy Does that mean that I have not had a lifetime to stand up The For a long time, I took out the letter from the handbag that letter received by the seniors this morning. He was written on the envelope to wait for him to go after the look. Does this mean that he already knew that I would not go The But he was at the airport until the last minute This stupid seniors Calm mood, I slowly opened the letter. Azi When you see this letter, it shows that I am gone And you did not go to the airport. How much I hope you will never see this letter. But I know that the.

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