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Cards Against Humanity Toys R Ys hen he pointed to the ground of Liu Zhihao severely said Well This time to see you in the Chen aunt on the temporary care of you once If you still dare to play cards against humanity toys r ys truancy to try me I do not kill you Hum Liu Zhihao sat up from the ground, wiping the mouth of the blood, Lengheng said I do not need her pleading What did you say His father was a boast, and went up to kick his feet, thanks to his mother desperately pulled back and did not start again. Well, okay, okay The child is not sensible, what are you cards against humanity toys r ys doing to do with him Well, today, you teach enough time to teach, and go to bed now Ah Said the man pushed the man into the back room, and then the door Slammed it off. Until everything is quiet, Liu Zhihao slowly from the ground to climb, spit a few mouthfuls of blood with saliva, and then looked at the door of the house, which turned around. When he turned around, he saw me standing in the dwelling door. At the moment the door has been opened half, he can completely see me, I can also see him completely. I wear pajamas, barefoot standing on the cold floor, his hands covered his mouth, burst into tears. He immediately after a moment of surprise, they immediately put on a cold and relentless face, and then did not say anything, from my door limped to his room, bang a loud noise to.d not timely on Liu Zhiwei see my strange eyes vigilance, so I tasted the real desperate consequences It was a weekend afternoon, Yang Jie invited a day to go home to see the children go. I fed my mother after lunch, and then took a few pieces of her clothes to wash, and then back to the room reading. Can not see one will feel sleepy, so I lay down on the bed decided to take a nap for a while, soon fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly I felt like itchy, like a lot of ants crawling on me I was shocked and woke up immediately. So that is not what ants, but, but a hand in my sweater below the random touch. I was shocked to shoot the hand and sit up immediately. This is found, I do not know when the bed has been more than a person. He knelt on the bed, straightened up, naked cards against humanity toys r ys eyes looked at me eagerly. Liu Zhiwei I was stunned. Early summer He swallowed throat water, eyes staring at me, that eyes filled with a kind of I do not know the desire. Do you get out I screamed at him, his eyes staring at him, trying to scare him out of his own momentum. But he is not afraid of this day, not afraid of people who is so scared Moreover, he came here today, has long been prepared, he even inquired about today, Yang sister holiday home, home and my mother only two. You, what the hell do you do My.

am also annoyed back to stare at cards against humanity for teens him. A faint smile, surfaced in his face, Shangguan uncle, you still do not persuade her I believe that she has their own claims. But No Purple children You must read Qing Usually has always been good to discuss the father this time inexplicable adherence. Purple children, no matter what you think, you have to read in the Qing to know everyone is for you. I have the right to decide my future. I really do not understand why Father is not always educated me, their own life should be their own decision Why is he so persistent You have the right But you are still small. Father helpless sighed, Purple children, promised daddy. To read in. Then no matter what you do I will never be like this forced you. To know that my father will respect your decision at any time purple child, promised dad Looking at the whisper of the father, I am speechless Quietly swept the face of everyone here, and finally freeze in the face of the smiling face of the smile. I and his line of sight in the air together for a long time, a long cards against humanity add on time I slowly looked back to look forward to the father, lowered his head, eyes flow is full of unwilling. I know that I will regret for today s decision, I have a hunch I went to read it No later, in cards against humanity expansion 6 release date the next moment after agree, I regret it Then.out of the courtyard You do not call I want to die nausea ah That kind of vicious look like a child would like to beat people. I also rolled his eyes, that the hospital is his good friend and brother of the chubby brother and small flying. That several times the cat is called their contact, both can let Liu Zhijao know, but also can not be found by adults, and then to find an excuse to sneak out to play. However, chubby brother and small fly to imitate the ability of the cat is also too strong Actually able to imitate to that extent, every time I can and Liu Zhi from a goose bumps. Come on, catch the fish to go Liu Zhihao stared at the wall, cards against humanity toys r ys turned and rushed me. I looked down at the hands of the kettle and shovel, shook his head No, I have to weed, watering, no time to play. He threw the hands of my kettle and flower shovel thrown to the ground, the first did not go back to me and ran, ran and said Those things, so come back to do I had to bite the bullet and ran out of the yard, and so confluent outside the wall chubby brother and small fly, we will go to the alley behind. Liu Jiaxiang had been in the suburbs, not far from the mountains after the mountains, a river and a few streams, and a glance of the green fields. Here, there is not the original natural pollution of the.of them ugly face, any tears flowing quietly, like the river quietly flowing My soul seems to have pulled away from the body, high floating in the air, looked down at the following, such as rags dolls really fool me, silent tears. Oh my god Let s get it all over Let me get rid of it early Let my soul rise to heaven, to enjoy the happiness of peace There is no grief and pain, no oppression and abuse, no ugly face and ugly atrocities Only the bright blue sky and white dazzling clouds, only the warmth of the sun glowing colorful halo comfortable photos on my body, only filled with flowers of endless grassland, there are countless birds, colorful colors The birds are low on the grassland elegantly slipped, occasionally sprinkle a few pieces of colorful feathers Ah there are angels, beautiful people can not keep sight of the angels That gold, such as wave like long hair, that blue like gentle eyes, that in the mouth of the shallow smile They slowly came to me, they opened a huge white wings, gently wrapped me, like a dream like milky white halo softly surrounded me. I can feel their soft feathers gently cover me, gently, gently, for fear that will break me. Ah how warm it is in the wings, how peaceful ah Really comfortable Is this heaven Is this.

Cards Against Humanity Toys R Ys Yang looked strange to come and say. Well, let me go I quickly stuffed things into luggage bags. Today, but the first day of the winter vacation, I and the seniors early appointment today with a train to go home. What is the relationship between you and he Bleak and looked at me strangely at me. You do not know it Seniors and I hey Or not to say Seniors must wait for a long time Bleating, we Union it Hurried to the bleating than a call Gesture, I hurried down the stairs. But he is Sorry Let you wait Went downstairs, I said that standing under the tree that very dial figure said. You will be a little later, I may be rushed to find someone Full of laughter low voice sounded. I m sorry Huh This is not the voice of seniors The And this person seems to be higher than the seniors. But this sound is so familiar, as if it is Murong string sound How are your parents did not tell you that cards against humanity toys r ys they want you to go back with me He bent down and looked at me with funny eyes. They did not say Damn So yesterday the father of my mind and just baa baa strange look can be explained It does not matter He shrugged his shoulders and reached for my luggage. Let s go Oh, I did not consciously follow him a few steps and stopped. No, I ve made an appointment with him, and the train has been bought I can not go wi. $txt2 = preg_replace(\'/\\r\\n/\', \'.\'.chr(13).chr(10), $txt2);

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