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Cards Against Humanity Uk Edition flowers, but also like a full white feast, revealing faint fragrance, so my room is always filled with This fresh and elegant fragrance. Still remember the first time I saw the plate full of white flowers when cards against humanity uk edition the surprise mood, and then the whole atrium began to fill with this elegant fragrance and full of overflowing sweet and happy. I know who will put this flower into my room, and from time to time to replace the new flowers, because this home in addition to him, no one noticed that I like this humble little flowers. So he still has a lovely place it I was thinking that he wanted to get out of the head, and the sound of a husky voice suddenly sounded And look cards against humanity 1 day shipping at your baby As if the thief was caught on the spot, I was thinking about him, how was he like a ghost suddenly appeared behind me I suddenly shocked suddenly stood up, head immediately boom hit a hard object. Oh That hoarse voice painfully called. Ah and I also clutching his head groaning painful. I turned and saw that he was struggling to rub his chin, pain tears are out. Oh haha I can not attend the pain, then laughed. How did i hit his chin again And exactly the same as a year ago He rubbed his chin, fiercely stared at me, teeth and said how do you always so suddenly suddenly stand up.ned his head, unpredictably looked at me, look at my heart straight hair. Slips, I noticed his eyes still hanging crystal tears. My chest seems to be fierce as a result of something violently hit a bit. Heartbeat began to accelerate irregularly In that moment, I found myself willing to use anything in exchange for his sign smile. It turned out that the ancient poet did not lie to me Really someone can cry the heart of the people seems to be with his every tear and was severely scraped on a knife, is that kind of heart and lungs, so shock, that suffocating The original not only his smile, even his tears, let me fall. His joy, his anger Cousin, what people will let you want to see his smile, do not want to see his tears I holding a cup of chocolate, looked at the window of the pouring rain, long asked. What happened See who is not happy Gentle cousin smiled and asked. Is a person A friends Classmates Ah, no matter what he is, but he must be an important person for you, or why do you worry about his unhappy And she rarely saw this quiet and naive cousin , So the loss of melancholy. Is he important to me Obviously remember the 5 year old diary is written to hate him ah The Azi He is what people Men Or women See my confused, cousin more curious. Male See me silent, cousin bold guess Road

?>l school grass. There should be a lot of people want to come in Helpless sigh, suddenly thought of the fate of this arrangement is the most happy than Murong, Shangguan home for the good friend of the hook Really do not understand why they always insist that I read in the clear Especially the father Walking on the campus of the trail, looking at the ground scattered leaves, only suddenly realized that the fall has been. I slowly squat to pick up one of the leaves, unconscious on the palm of the play. Consciousness began to roam Kacha Kacha I am suddenly back to God, staring at me not far away, is holding the camera foolish boy. Sven, handsome This is the first feeling he gave me. But not to attract me. Instead, he is hidden in the pair of gold glasses after the pair of gentle, pure eyes. He is different from the Murong string of a person I frowned lightly For those who do not know this person and Murong string compared to feel unhappy. Why should he be compared with him Why think of him ah I am sorry May be my sudden frown caused the boy s misunderstanding. I saw him nervously holding the hands of the camera, embarrassed standing there, uncomfortable smile. I m sorry, because it was just that you were really The clarification of the amount has been a thin layer of sweat. You do not h.n, I went to dinner with Zhang Yanjun as usual. He looked at me with some hesitation, with some anxious and as if in the deliberate patience. I always do not mention the love of things, and he finally hold back what did not say. Because he knew that my reply was after school today. Noon back on the road, far to see the Lufthansa. I call her, she looked at me, some panic, then rushed away. This girl, panic Bacheng is received a boy s love letter, sorry it I m laughing in my heart, hum Wait for tomorrow and then come out from her mouth. But I guess, love letter will certainly have a Zhang Ting. After school, because there is no work and activities, I will early home. After finishing the homework, I found that my cards against humanity with a discounted price love letter in the bag was gone I have turned over my bags and have not seen their shadows. Is it stolen But who will take this kind of thing Not worth it Is someone trying to mischievous with me I suddenly tense fear, if, if tomorrow I went to the classroom to see someone holding a love letter where to read that, then how can I do If you know the whole class, how can I do I, do not you lose my face No, there are Zhang Yanjun and Duan Xiaoming, there is that Lin Fei, are followed by being ridiculed what Do not I hugged my head in pain. In that era, b.

Cards Against Humanity Uk Edition e young and we introduced each other. This is your Chen aunt, a month after the change is called my mother. Men said to the juvenile. That juvenile expressionless skimmed his mouth, whispered I have my own mother, why call her mother The man s cold eyes stared, seeing and angry cards against humanity uk edition again. Well, well the old lady is out of time to play round, his mother still, but also often send something to him, you do not want to have children How can two people called the mother at the same time His mother still So that his parents are divorced I thought in my heart. The man looked at the teenager for a long time, and it turned to my mother and said, Do not you mind Mother s gentle smile Of course not mind, the child is big, he has his own mother, we do not embarrass him, called me Chen aunt just fine. Man heard it seems very pleased, but turned to the boy, his face and the sound immediately became majestic cold up. However, the young man only bow down to eat, did not send a word. The atmosphere between the seats suddenly become condensate Shen up, men seem to endure the anger in the chest, just waiting for a moment of volcanic eruptions. Even my irrelevant people are infected by this tense atmosphere, take the hand of chopsticks can not help but trembling slightly, the heart gradually mention.e Once Duan Xiaoming and Lufthansa have asked me, then I can not tell why come Now think about it, probably cards against humanity uk edition for my mother, but also for thousands of millions of my mother so suffering from tortured people it I want to use their own hands to save them, help them get back to health, retrieve happiness and happiness. Mother finished the last cards against humanity uk edition time after surgery, they thoroughly home to cultivate. The doctor said that a short period of time will no longer surgery, her body has been unable to withstand another operation. If lucky, she can cards against humanity zombie live for another year, but if the cancer cells spread quickly, perhaps only for three months. I have forgotten how I heard the words of the doctor after the reaction, and my heart is thinking about what. I just blankly walked back to the ward, blankly looked at the bed sleeping mother, so looked at her, motionless Until the evening comes, until the sunset will be my shadow long cast in the ward light can be Kam on cards against humanity uk edition the floor After the mother came home to practice, I will go home early every day, chat with her, feed her to eat what she wants to eat. Of course, she has now eaten a lot of things, basically can only eat some liquid food, so I always put those things she wanted to grind into powder, squeezed juice into her mouth. And she, like a.

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