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Cards Against Humanity Xmas ook of serious look of my expression Now can pull cards against humanity xmas him back only you I, I I want to do I have some difficulty swallowing saliva, and strive to not let their voice seemed trembling. I have a distant cousin in the dragon brother hands, he said to me yesterday, Long brother to Liu Zhijao night night to kill a person, in order to test him, but also promised him, as long as he succeeded Kill the man, let him do the fourth in the gang, after the sale can be independent. I really worry that the boy can not stand the temptation, really go to kill No Xiaofei suddenly smoke a lost, with a hard step on the foot a few looked up, Even if the kid do not want to kill, but in that environment he had to go Early summer, we are looking for you The reason to tell you everything is to hope that you can save him at this last minute. But what can I do I suddenly did not have confidence. You go to tell him, let him not go Once killed, he will never return to the normal world, and never return to the original him. And if it is a trap how to do Just want him to do scapegoat how to do He had to spend cards against humanity xmas a lifetime in prison No I am painful to close my eyes, can not imagine that kind of thing happened. I do not want Liu to become so, I do not want him to become cards against humanity jew pack review like that I want him to be as.old photos, in the record before the precious time at the same time, also shows that such a time has passed away forever, will never come back. I used to scream, his laugh, I desperately hammer his back, and we shouted toward the roadside sinking of the tree all of all, really turned into a picture of Zhang old, In front of me like a movie film one by one slide. Just, why is the picture on that presumptuous smile and frightened look, but it has become increasingly light, more and more blurred it Like a piece of water on the white water stains, slowly into the invisible steam disappeared in the wind. Do not I shook my head, I do not want them to fade, do not want them to disappear, I want them to always clear, always as happened before yesterday in general. May be to see my exception, Liu Qi Hao looked at me a little worried that my wounds are still hurt. I have not hurt I smiled at him, smile but some bitter meaning. Come on. He patted the back seat of the dust, and then carefully leaning on me to sit up. In the past, he was never so let me on the car, proud and not tame him always in front of riding, and I Huchi, Hu Chi with the back chase Think of here, I puff laugh soon, laugh out loud. What about laughing He just turned on the car turned his head and aske.

t, You are my best friend, how can I forget you How can I forget you Ah Lufthansa like a child has been guaranteed, satisfied with the sigh, and then gently in my ear early summer, that well, we are a lifetime of good friends Well, a good friend of life I smiled and nodded, but tears in the eyes flashing. Even standing on the side of the Zhang Ting can not stand this atmosphere, quietly wiped his eyes. Lufthansa and Zhang Ting left the next day, went to the distant Nanjing. Now in this city, my friends are almost gone. The first to leave the chubby brother and small fly, then Zhang Yanjun, he was admitted to Fudan, and then is the Lufthansa and Zhang Ting. One by one away from me ah Childhood once in the crazy play with those happy days, introspective fairy tale like, has long been left in the river, field, wood no longer find it back ah. After school, I applied for a repeat from cards against humanity xmas school. As the teachers know that I have a good foundation, I have confidence, so I still arranged to focus on science classes, with the fresh students read together, rather than as usual, let me read the previous class. For the good intentions of the teachers, I am very grateful, so I will be more successful in the next year admitted to the North Medical. Why should you study medicin.nd more, and later became a full now. He smiled, eyes warm and focused. Seniors, you drunk I still go down to get photos to the text of a good. I hurriedly took out the photo. Azi After the seniors around him, he took my wrist low with a smile. I am not drunk, really I am very clear now in the recent days, now I am the most calm. Yes I was drinking, but I have a purpose to let yourself drink a little wine, So I will be more courage.With the wine to the courage, I can tell you my mind, but think you will see that thin. So today I must say I bowed my head, afraid to see his scorching eyes. I ve never seen such a seniors for so long I kissed you the day when the Murong chord came to our school, when you fell asleep in the school room, when Leng Leng looked at your sleep and lost God, and when I was back to God, It s probably the most frightening day of my life The superficial laughter echoed in the silence of the room, so I finally find out my heart, you recently cards against humanity xmas and inexplicably haunted me. Look at you now calm look like you early Do you know it I I like you I have not had time to react, was embraced into a familiar and unfamiliar arms. Listening to the deep affection of the confession, buried in the arms of the seniors. Tears like this shabu shabu flow down. I was touched the moment I., he is I remember this apartment is not this family ah Oh, he is a year ago to move to the second floor of Mr. Wu. Miss Shangguan you leave for too long, of course, do not know him Chen Bo smiled and said to me, which seems to have a little bit of the taste of blame. Oh I suddenly realized. How could i forget it I did not come back for three years, three years did not pay the rent, my house should be no, right Should also be rented to people do not it So what about my stuff Chen Bo, that my house No one dares to rent your house See me look puzzled look, Chen Bo said surprised, You do not know Your fiance has put the This apartment is bought He is the landlord, of course, will not rent out your house, he has been waiting for you back Fiance This is not this is the Murong string it You see you play for three years, even the fiance are forgotten Is Mr. Murong ah Three years ago, drunk came to you once, I was mistaken for bad guys Chen Bo said embarrassed. Really he I whispered. He even even this building also bought it Shangguan Miss, you are really There is such a good fiance, but also with the work around it Have gone to go for three years Mr. Murong conditions so well, you are not afraid of being robbed by other women Chen Bo to the identity of the elders care, but to see Mr. Murong.

Cards Against Humanity Xmas the edge of reading glasses stuck out, looked at me and my mother. Mom, this is Lan Ying. Lan Ying, this is my mother. The man simply introduced. Mother is good Mother said hello with the warm and cheerful voice I had never heard of. But I knew she was very nervous, because she took my hand in the hands of all wet sweat, fingertips are also slightly trembling. The old lady did not warm greeting, did not get up to meet the meaning, but a touch of the next point was called greeting. Sit it. The voice of the old lady revealed abnormal majesty and calmness, showing the kind of sophistication commensurate with her age. Mother embarrassed smile, this remembered the hands still carrying a basket of cheap fruit. It is on the way to buy, we can afford the gift only this one. This is a little fruit, honor your old Mother because of this cold face of the ceremony and appears to be more cramped, the indoor sinking of the air pressure also some of her distraught. I looked up at her and felt the same for her present experience. Is a family, but also polite what The old lady calm voice again sounded, timely interrupted the mother s words, but also from her extremely embarrassing freed. Indoor atmosphere because the old lady s words suddenly seemed to ease a lot, even the man could not help.utside, if he even nanny Young sister did not let go, I can count on this obscene, this animal left me He is like his son, is a heinous beast Beast Ah I can not suppress the scream, exhausted all my strength called, as if to all the anger and hatred are turned into this screaming burst out to go. Dad Liu Zhiwei suddenly stopped in front of a man, with a look of cards against humanity retail pack embarrassment and frustration. I want to go to her, has been a long time since you kid have been cool, why can not let me cool it Men angry to open a Liu Zhiwei, continue to untie pants. Dad Liu Zhiwei and stopped in front of him, hesitantly. Do you want to cards against humanity for kids play, do not let me play The man suddenly stared at him, looks very fierce and fierce, Do not forget, you have a group of goods in the hands of Lao Tzu if there is no me, that batch of goods did not Law shipped out Liu Zhiwei looked at his father for a long while, eyes flashing. However, for a long time, his attitude finally soft down, head down like a straight fight only cock. The man pushed him forward, came and began to touch my body and began to kiss my whole body with his cold lips. I do not want to call, do not want to struggle, just that has been exhausted my body strength. I just watched the ceiling with open eyes, cards against humanity xmas do not look at any one.

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