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Cards Against Humanity Youth e young and we introduced each other. This is your Chen aunt, a month after the change is called my mother. Men said to the juvenile. That juvenile expressionless skimmed his mouth, whispered I have my own mother, why call her mother The man s cold eyes stared, seeing and angry again. Well, well the old lady is out of time to play round, his mother still, but also often send something to him, you do not want to have children How can two people called the mother at the same time His mother still So that his parents are divorced I thought in my heart. The man looked at the teenager for a long time, and it turned to my mother and said, Do not you mind Mother s gentle smile Of course not mind, the child is big, he has his own mother, we do not embarrass him, called me Chen aunt just fine. Man heard it seems very pleased, but turned to the boy, his face and the sound immediately became majestic cold up. However, the young man only bow down to eat, did not send a word. The atmosphere between the seats suddenly become condensate Shen up, men seem to endure the anger in the chest, just waiting for a moment of volcanic eruptions. Even my irrelevant people are infected by this tense atmosphere, take the hand of chopsticks can not help but trembling slightly, the heart gradually mention.t seems that he has been asleep, I do not have to face him. I walked lightly and walked without a trace of sound. Suddenly, a cold, hoarse voice in my side beside the three feet suddenly sounded. Did you finally come back The sound is not big, but because of the sudden, scared I almost exclaimed, heart almost jump out of throat eyes. I immediately withdrew two steps, looked to the side. In the black pressed gardenia flowers, there is a tall figure hidden in them, motionless. If you look at it, you can almost think that it is a tree. Who I subconsciously and then take a step forward, his hands fist made a defensive posture, that is, Liu Zhiwei that demon, but intuition told me that he is not. Look at me frightened, that shady low sigh, came out from the shade. It s him I breathe a sigh of relief, no longer afraid, but face him, I will be more helpless. why is he here So late, how could it still be here As if to know my question in general, he opened again, the sound is still unfamiliar cold. I have been waiting for you waiting for you to come back This sentence, he said very slowly very slow, as if with some kind of deep meaning. Have you been standing here waiting for it I do not want to blurted out this sentence. Stupid I scolded him in my heart. Why have you been st.

{side, worried about pulling out a paper towel handed me to tears. I shook my head with choking and then nodded. How can you be here I m sitting outside and seeing you sitting here and we can not help but come in and look at it. Nothing I carefully wipe the tears on his face and eyes of tears, do not care cards against humanity youth to see her hands holding the wedding magazine What s the matter Get married I teased. How to know that she should take a look of indifferent answer. Yes You give up I am surprised to see her, this news is too shocked Do not you say that you will not give up Once I thought I would not give up this life She smiled and looked at the hands of the wedding magazine. But after working out, my mind has changed a lot, she sighed. Oh, maybe a man or a man who loves herself and love herself And, chasing cards against humanity uk where to buy him for so many years I really feel tired cards against humanity youth and tired Now I just want to find a shoulder for my life. She looked out the window and looked down her eyes. I saw a tall man parked next to a red Porsche and saw us looking at him, and he smiled and waved with us. He began to chase me from college, and love me too I was very comfortable with him, so I did not hesitate when he offered to marry mentally and mentally That Murong string He will be the most beloved man in my life, but it will not be a man now is for me Come again we re gonna be there My voice could not help cards against humanity holiday 2016 husky Go to another room for you The cards against humanity youth housekeeper s smile is deeper He took me out of a room and pulled out the key. Then I saw a whole room for me The whole room is my photo Laughing, frowned, toot, spirited, dazed are all put great, affixed to the wall. How could I clutching his mouth, for fear that he accidentally exclaimed out Steward, how could this be I hurried to ask a clear. Purple child Behind him suddenly sounded a deep voice. My body suddenly startled, do not move The world called me purple children only two men One is Murong uncle, the other is I slowly turned to see Murong string panting leaning against the door, looked at me affectionately. While the housekeeper did not know when it was gone Purple child His call as a curse, so I can only look at him Leng Leng, can no longer remove the line of sight He slowly walked to my side, I saw a deep fear in his eyes, but at the same time saw the high excitement and joy He stretched out his hand and trembled with 5 centimeters away from my cheek, slid down my silhouette, but did not touch me. I have seen you standing in front of me and looking at me like that, but when you reach out and touch you, you will always be gone His low voice echoed in my ear. Murong.

Cards Against Humanity Youth ody looked at him like a monster. Zhang Ting seems to have immediately recovered into the weak and warm him, the momentum cards against humanity junior in the roar immediately after the low down. But Lufthansa did not immediately counterattack, but zheng zhu. She never expected her gas bag will be so roar to her, that moment she seemed to be scared of him. Hard, is this kid no longer can not stand, ready to resist But Zhang Ting seems guilty of looking at her, and then bowed his head and whispered I did not hide what money but this month my mother stopped all my pocket money Why Lufthansa seems to have come back to God. Because, because last month you will be my wallet in the money are spent my mother thought I spent, very angry, that I spend money, no control, do not know their hard So, So stopped my pocket money this month Zhang Ting was very wronged, very helpless, like a grievous little daughter in law. Lufthansa blinked, a moment of silence. I m laughing beside me. Is it wrong to get someone else Do not apologize to others I saw Lufthansa also bowed his head, as if very embarrassed look. I guess she apologized again. Then she took to Zhang Ting ear quietly said You, you did not tell your mother is my flower, right I once again down This little Nizi, little repentance o.e high octave, how could you Do not joke Do not take Azi joke Who are you in the end Serious and there is a strong sense of suspicion. Do not you recognize my voice I asked strangely. Even if there are three years of separation does not even the best friend s voice forgotten cards against humanity youth Did not I hear her voice You really is Azi No impossible No possibility, Azi Ming obvious Wenya speechless again. You say you are Azi, what evidence do you have You really want the evidence Well, you listen to This time I want to doubt that she is not Wenya it However, I was so familiar to me and Wenya from small to large interesting, scandal said one by one out. You are really Azi The voice choked and shook slightly. Yes I cards against humanity youth m so helpless. Do you still doubt Wen Ling, how are you in the end You are there now I ll find you Wen Ling choked with an address, I quickly hung up the phone, stopped a taxi according to the text of the address to find her Until I arrived at the door of the text of the family, Wen Aya to see me still a little incredible. After three years of baptism, Wenya in addition to the appearance of some mature from the lovely girl into a beautiful young woman, the other no change. This is the Koulie Lie s credit it, has been maintained in the text of the pure and naive At this point she was like a chi.

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