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Day 1 Cards Against Humanity A crystal of tears slid down from my face, I reached out and covered his hand. Felt his hand shaking a bit, and then I led his hand on my face. I m not dead Do you feel it His hand still trembling, eager to keep on my face wandering. You do not lie to me You will not disappear anymore I will not I said with a smile, tears flow more fierce Purple child As if to be guaranteed, he tightly put me into my arms. Like to rub me into his body, into his flesh and blood, no longer separated Purple children Purple children He kept the low mumbled my name. Murong I also stretched out his hand tightly holding him. I used to call thousands cards against humanity price of times purple children, but to answer my only cold air.I thought to hear you call me Murong just my life s luxury and Seoul He buried in my long hair Faintly telling. Now I am not you From today you call me again, I will answer you twice, so right My face buried his chest murmured. Purple child He lifted my face, low kissed the tears on my face, put my hand in his heart. Did you know that my heart was dead and was dead at the moment of hearing your death But after hearing the mother s last night s call, it survived It began to beat It is in an unease, it is excited, it is scared It is afraid that this is actually an empty. You are already dead, it is a person.rprisingly soft, temples of a few strands of hair some moist and messy, but it is even more charming and moving. Although that time I did not know that this is called charming, but know that moment the mother is very beautiful, even though she looked at some of the panic. We hurry hurry because my mother is going to rush to the man s house before seven o clock to see his mother. That man, my mother was a month ago by the people who know, a month to marry him my stepfather. Yes, my stepfather, a man I never met. Today, the mother to be a formal visit, to see his mother, at the same time I will be the oil bottle to show them. So the mother is nervous and some panic, after all, in that era, no, it should be said that even now, with a drag oil bottle of the 30 year old woman, it is difficult to find men remarried. But, after all, my mother tolerant beauty, hard working kind, so the surrounding friends, colleagues are happy to introduce her a cards against humanity expansion walmart good marriage. And my biological father, when I was four years old had a serious illness died. Now seven years have passed, I have no impression of him, only faintly remember his high, very kind, always looked at me with a very gentle eyes, and then smile. When the father had just passed away, the mother was insisting on no longer married. However, i.

d how could win him That day, Liu Zhiren came on time, wearing a long time he did not wear a basketball service, rebellious look Tan Bo. And that is called Tan Bo boys also Jieao staring at him. How are two people resembling That demeanor, that eyes, that momentum is simply like a mold poured out. Just, Tan Bo is a year ago that Liu Zhihao, youth bloom, flourishing, it is time to show their talents. And Liu Zhihao, but already already decadent The outcome is not what I expected, twenty minutes after the game, Liu Zhihao guy lost Tan Bo a full twenty points. Full twentieth, what is the gap That is the gap of the year. Although the girls on the field for Liu Zhihao shouted his throat, called dumb voice, day 1 cards against humanity but he was completely lost. Lose so simple, there is no trace of a place day 1 cards against humanity to doubt. Some girls even on the spot to cry, and some girls are still cheering a new generation of basketball prince s name. And the boys are because that field soared to a high bet, and some joy, some sigh sigh. Tan Bo went to want to shake hands with Liu Zhixu, but he was fiercely opened his hand. And then he stood there with his head, motionless. Tan Bo helplessly shrugged, surrounded by a group of boys happily left. While the girls are also twos and threes to leave, less than a while and only empty the. $atxtArray[] = $a1.\"\\r\\n\";He is simply unintentional to me, or why the world knows that I love him, he did not know How is it Is not day 1 cards against humanity it tired Then we have another time to do a good visit It s all right Let s start now Looking at his face s attention, just the sudden bitterness of the heart suddenly disappeared Okay He shrugged and sat down across me. Then we start from the basic information You live there Family situation how In the future to engage in what kind of career From the small I entered the situation I kept asking a series of questions. In addition to what height and weight those other, you should know everything else He looked at me with a strange look. I should know Then you do not have to ask that What else He said, looking at me on the table. Your father is engaged in the construction industry, and you are reading the building. So, you are to inherit the father s career or for their own and choose to read the building Also, your heart the most perfect building is what What is the building in your heart, for example, what do you want your future home to be He smiled and asked me. I asked you Please He does not work at all You answered me first, he said. Well, but you can not laugh at me I saw him smiling and nodding, and I said, I want to be built on the seaside cliff. This is very difficult to.

Day 1 Cards Against Humanity day 1 cards against humanity , not jade broken Is it not very happy to be like that However, I have no chance to go back If I go back now, not only other people look down on me, even I look down on myself Day like this day and a day passed, I flew away with other people to go to different places photography. Try to use the work to fill the life and emotional emptiness. Confirmed to others to see, the original I can live a very exciting Miss Shangguan, how tonight so late to come back ah Big summer administrator Chen Bo grinning asked. Yes ah Today, the last time to go to Egypt to take pictures of the whole sun out, so a little late I looked at the watch, the original has been fast 12 o clock I thought it was so comfortable to do this kind of work, and it was free to travel all day, and it was so hard all the time Ah Yes There was a man who came to you at 10 o clock. It s kind of weird to look like that. 10 O Clock The That s not waiting for two hours at my door Who is it I hurried to the pace. There is nothing to call me, I will go up to save you Chen Bo in the back of the cried. Thank you When I returned to the door, a familiar figure was curled up at my door, and he buried his head deep into his arms. Looking at this familiar figure I guessed the identity of this man. Seniors Or brother That portrait is heard.y will be fainted on the spot, and that middle aged women also immediately unable to suppress the hissing cry. The young man was taken away in a mess, and when he was walking, he had been watching me sitting in the corner, and there was a deep sadness, attachment and dislike. He looked at me Always looked at day 1 cards against humanity me, even the eyes did not cards against humanity template blink, until he was brought to a door and then I can not see so far. Why should he look at me like that Does he love me What is the relationship with me What happened between us At that moment, I was eager to know these answers. But I can not remember, can not remember what I hold my head, painful squat body, just feel a headache, like to collapse My aunt quickly squatting to hold me, anxious in my ear early summer, do not think Can not remember, do not even think about it I looked up and found my face cold. I shed tears Did i cry Why do I cry I looked at my aunt murmured Why do I cry Why do I have a feeling of heartache Aunt, you tell me. Aunt shook his head, deeply sighed I do not know early summer, everything is gone, forget to forget it. Maybe forget everything for you, is a good thing said she has Shed tears In this way, I followed my aunt went to a distant city, we sat a full three days and three nights of the train arrived. Then I.

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