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Deluxe 4 Cards Against Humanity my wounds, I hurt whole body Yi Chan, his mouth the slightest suction gas, teeth tightly bite did not let himself call out loud. Until the end of the cleaning process, I found that I do not know when my right hand has been tightly holding the hands of Liu Zhihao, holding so tight, tight like to crush his hand like. And he also tightly holding my hand, seems to want to give me the power to resist pain. No wonder just pain I almost fainted, always feel that there is a force in the secret support me, as if a heat, a steady stream into my body. At that time I thought my pain fainted had an illusion, it seems that the original is not an illusion, really he gave me the kind of strength and warm feeling ah I looked up to see his face, he immediately did not look to see me, and then slightly embarrassed I go to the home to make a phone call, so your mother worried. Then turned to the door and walked. But walked two steps will find the walk, and he slightly surprised to turn, looked down I also tightly cards against humanity fifth expansion holding his hand and hold. And then he finally looked up at my face, I returned to him a gentle smile, gently said deluxe 4 cards against humanity Thank you He suddenly shocked, and fixed to see me for a while, his face can not tell what expression. Then I let go of his hand, he turned away. I heard the interm.s face. Especially the old man is not ragged clothes behind him is not dirty environment. But his smile In the picture he was smiling at the camera happy, his full of wrinkles, the face of the wind and frost looks like a free and easy, good relieved Azi, what are you looking at Ah eyes blink blink. Wenya strange look at me, also came to look at this photo. Is there any good sight of the scenery over there I do not think that this is better than the other landscapes. I do not agree with the look of the text, I smiled and said, You see his smile. This should not be a beggar the smile. Three meals a day do not follow, eat a meal and rush for the deluxe 4 cards against humanity next meal, so they are anxious every day, confused, worried. But this person is He is a story of the people. Flap a few times the sudden applause scared me and Wen Ling jump, the photo also fell to a place. Your touch is really very sharp. I saw that Song Xi look of appreciation came in, it seems that the station has been standing for some time outside the door. Thank you for your praise Nothing we go first Came back and deliberately stood outside the door silent, but also eavesdropping other people s conversation, really do not know what he was thinking Hey Do not go He quickly picked up the photo to stop us. Did I make you angry again No No Az.

now, if he did not catch me, I may have fallen to the body has been broken. My heart smiles, sweet feeling instantly Chung up. But the next moment, I found our posture ambiguous, right, ambiguous But then I did not know what words to describe the feeling. Because he was wearing a short sleeved shirt, black trousers uniforms, and I also wear skirts uniforms, so are very thin. I can really feel his chest hot body temperature, burning my skin behind, and even feel his heart like a thunder. My face is red, and the red is soaked, even the ear is also burned very hot. I got up from him and sat down and did not dare to watch him. He also slowly sat up, rubbing his knees hurt the chest, did not speak. I tried to suppress his own rapid breathing, while he was looking at me, I secretly glanced at him and found his face was red again. Well, this is even the next level, the original is not a blush of me Fool He scolded a low, quickly climbed deluxe 4 cards against humanity up, stretched out a hand to me. I grabbed his hand, pulled him up, but stood still, some at a loss He lifted the poor car, checked it, and was not damaged. Come on, go home He looked back at me, his tone was not used to care or disdain, but a strange gentle. Come here today, anyway, you almost learned soon. It is estimated that two days later, you ca.they saw the strange young man with his father sitting in the living room while drinking something happily said something. I m back. I looked at them indifferently, took the shoes off the foyer, and walked straight into my room. Now I see the man even the father are disdain crying, often just look at him a cold and turned away. Although he can see that because of my cold and disdain and angry, but he is not a good attack, after all, he is sorry my mother first, but also the mother in the pain regardless of the post, he has what qualifications let me call him Father Maybe even he knows it does not deserve it So when faced with me as much as possible not with me, perhaps afraid to see me cold and full of hatred of the eyes of it Early summer I just want to enter the door, the man suddenly stopped me. Come and come, he waved at me and looked into the drunken look, and his eyes were blurred and wandered. I bite my teeth, standing there for a while, only to force myself to go past. Although I hate him, but can not be too obvious, after all, he is still my food and clothing parents, I have to rely on him to continue to complete my studies. Early summer, this, this is your other brother He obviously drank high, even the tongue are some knotted, but he was grinning for me to introdu.igh school, but I still seriously try to test, because the mother taught me everything should be done seriously, whether that How little things are. So I accidentally admitted to the city first, so my deluxe 4 cards against humanity class teacher and principal is very happy. In the graduation ceremony, I commend and commend, but also give me the certificate is to give me the safflower. The certificate can be, but that can be worn on the chest of the big red is really silly, feeling that was wearing a kindergarten. But this is the principal personally wear for me, I dare not pull it down. So I had to wear it on the podium, watching the audience that full of people, listening to the thunderous applause, the mood is very complicated. I graduated like this So goodbye to the primary school it I am not long ago looking forward to high school life Why some are lost and sad I bowed and saw my mother sitting in the front row was invited to attend the graduation ceremony. Her sideburns have begun to have some white hair, his face with a slight wrinkles. She looked at me smiling, but could not breathe the tears. At that moment, her look, her movements, her figure deeply imprinted in my mind, become a clear memory of my life. I do not know when, I have tears blurred. I swear in my heart, my mother, I will succeed, let.

Deluxe 4 Cards Against Humanity k in front of the frog deliberately dangling go with. I remember the first time to catch the frog, I, Lufthansa, Zhang Ting, cards against humanity 3rd party chubby brother and small fly, all lying on the ridge, next to Liu Zhihao, eyes blinked and stared at his hand, Of the lines and hooks, and not far from our fancy prey that only fat and big frogs. At that time we were nervous to suffocate, because Liu Zhixao told us not to move, a move to scare away the big frog. So I and Lufthansa, Zhang Ting really lying there did not dare to move, the whole body muscle stretched tightly, even the atmosphere are not out of a cry, and even forget to breathe, until breathless and then open mouth Tone. We stared at the cards against humanity for teens shaking of the shining cold light of the hook, until he quickly become a cross eye, the eyes of the scene have become a heavy shadow, that fat frog or squatting there motionless, doing nothing drums Cheeks. It can be really leisurely it What is not OK Qiaoshen has been impatient, first opened the mouth. Is not the flies is not big enough, not enough to attract it Small attendant Zhang Ting also quietly Road. Is not it found us Even I could not help curious asked. Shut up Liu Zhihao heard off to interrupt the idea we would like to continue to ask questions, but he still maintained the posture did not move. The three.mmediately turned to the big step to walk to the living room, to cover themselves to trembling about to collapse the body. You said, are true You can swear are true Abruptly, behind him came the last time did not give up the questioning, the voice is low and hoarse, some vague, like a plug in the throat Hard core. I did not look back, but I deluxe 4 cards against humanity know that this moment he must have shed tears. Because his voice has been exposed to everything. I nodded and nodded at him, and then steadfastly answered, Yes. But this moment my voice is like him, hoarse. Goodbye, the ho brother In the open door into the moment, I gently spit out this sentence. And finally into his own room, I have no time to take even a small step. I will use the door to close the door, so dare to pour out their tears, and then unable to slide on the ground, holding his knees, quietly crying. The next day he really went early in the morning, back to the provincial capital. Probably to report it, I thought in my heart, he would start a police life. Yeah, no longer like the same day as a day to fight trouble. And Long brother who should not go to his trouble, after all, he is now a police officer, even if the dragon brother and then do not have to go and the provincial public security bureau for it right. Think of here, I.

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