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Problem With Cards Against Humanity my footsteps slowly raised his head, look to me. Murong string The How could he be How can you become like this What happened Murong in problem with cards against humanity front of a pair of rabbit like red eyes moist eyes, haggard face like a few days did not sleep, eyes empty and no god. Is not like the usual spirits of the Murong string And he was full of pungent alcohol. How much did you drink I asked him up and asked. You are finally back I wait for you for a long time, long time I thought you did not come back He staggered to stand up, leaning on my body. Can you call me Yes He does not know my phone. You can ask my get your new cards against humanity now parents to take my phone I forgot He smiled at me drunk at me. Are you drunk to come here I struggled to find the key to open the door. No, I m borrowing something, borrowing things he murmured. I used the effort to help him on the sofa, could not help but also paralyzed there just breathing By what things you should not what is missing Take the paper towel He was away from the drunken eyes and looked at me. Really joking I got angry and picked up the sheets on the table and threw it into his arms. No, he said, throwing the box of paper and clamoring like a beggar s child. You were those who threw me before Those ones My heart Yi Chan. I lost a few times to him, he is in the What happened me lift his face to look at him, and then a look of evil smile. But no, I just heard you happy groaning. What kind of equipment you installed Installed a pair of holy like to see who In fact, your bones are like cards against humanity unblocked games me on you, right Pooh I spit him spit, angry to be added, you this beast, shit, demons, the next three abuse, scum I use all the words I want to call him, completely angry. Not because he humiliated me, but because he spoke of my sore. Yes, I am having a reaction I can not help but groan So I hated myself Hated the body Damn it, why should it react Why do not you give me a little only dignity why The I am crying without tears. Take it. The demon let go of me and throw me something. I have not seen anything, because for me now, anything is no longer important. He said I problem with cards against humanity do not take, so the thing picked up to my chest, gently laughing This is a contraceptive, you can not get pregnant.I think you do not want a big belly, right Watching him presumptuous and evil smile, I really want to throw this thing to his face, destroyed his hateful laugh. No, I d like to kill him More want to kill him This devil That day, I dragged the exhausted body, step by step moved back home. Mother had to sleep, that man did not go home that night, only Yang sister has been waiting for m.

y will be fainted on the spot, and that middle aged women also immediately unable to suppress the hissing cry. The young man was taken away in a mess, and when he was walking, he had been watching me sitting in the corner, and there was a deep sadness, attachment and dislike. He looked at me Always looked at me, even the eyes did problem with cards against humanity not blink, until he was brought to a door and then I can not see so problem with cards against humanity far. Why should he look at me like that Does he love me What is the relationship with me What happened between us At that moment, I was eager to know these answers. But I can not remember, can not remember what I hold my head, painful squat body, just feel a headache, like to collapse My aunt quickly squatting to hold me, anxious in my ear early summer, do not think Can not remember, do not even think about it I looked up and found my face cold. I shed tears Did i cry Why do I cry I looked at my aunt murmured Why do I cry Why do I have a feeling of heartache Aunt, you tell me. Aunt shook his head, deeply sighed I do not know early summer, everything is gone, forget to forget it. Maybe forget everything for you, is a good thing said she has Shed tears In this way, I followed my aunt went to a distant city, we sat a full three days and three nights of the train arrived. Then I.o 19 years old ah Alas really fast Twinkling of an eye nineteen years I remember you was so big when I hold you every day, hold the arm are lifted, but still reluctant to put down when your father ah , Always with me rushing to hold Oh a big man, have not seen so like to hold a child Mother into a warm memories of which, the eyes are softer to dripping water to the light. I did not bother her, let her go slowly. Your father, ah, is a very gentle person, almost never temper. Can marry him, is my blessing of life, but Fu points too thin ah His life is not very good, so early You have tuberculosis otherwise else, you will not have no father hurt Mom I cried her. Mother gently touched my hair, continued Just ah, married to Liu seems to be a mistake so many years, so you suffer, early summer. I am not bitter, I cried and shook his head desperately, I am not bitter Daoshi mother, you suffer you do for their cattle do cattle for so many years, in the end to get what What are they doing when they are tortured They do not even have a lot of food for you I hate them and I hate them Early summer, do not say. Mother slightly side of the face, want to cover up the eyes of the clear tears. Mom all know, maybe the beginning.e future of medical light He just met with the Ming Hing married He was 24 years old Why he died He was excitedly shouting. You do not like this I patted his back, a little to appease his too excited heart. You are like this Tang Mingxin and the clouds of the mother who take care of the side by virtue of Fang Shaoyi and the sky is not the father Hugh He gave me a little, looking at me face to face. Xiaoyun dying before she entrusted to the side less. He also said Say what Dying before his beloved woman entrusted to his brother, it seems nothing wrong. But my reporter and photographer s intuition told me a little problem. Nothing He muffled bowed his head, silently out of a paper towel to wipe the tears on his face. Oh, he did not want to say, I did not force him. I stand up, I ll give you a cup of milk, and you ll have to sleep here Anyway, I have two rooms here. Do not go with me He took my hand and did not let me problem with cards against humanity go. I do not go here I ll come back with a glass of milk I want to break his hand, but he s like a little child. I can be sure he is a bit drunk, because the usual Murong string will never be so childish. Suddenly he pulled me back into his arms, bowed down and kissed it Xiaoyun told me before dying, I love you, told me not to miss you. He let go of my lips, looked up at m.

Problem With Cards Against Humanity ways patience and patience, tolerance of their own have numb, but now Now the mother is gone, I no longer afraid of him. If he had to hard to come, I do not honor my reputation to tell him I will bring him to court, let him accept the sanctions So, what is so afraid of it Let s go back I packed up my little things, step by step out of the school, and then nostalgia looked at this I read a full seven years of school, toward it a deep bowed a bow. I am carrying a large travel bag, sitting in the bus, swinging back home. At the door, I hesitated. Now I see the man and Yang sister feel sick, see the devil to feel afraid. Such a home I can go back But I have to go back Early summer, muster the courage to come I cheer for myself, do not you forget the words of your mother s death To be strong, brave, to be optimistic to live Even in the face of doom So I just hesitated, then crossed into it. Into the abandoned garden for a long time, I found how long I have not taken care of this yard it One month Two months Or a year I sneer, even I can not remember. As if the mother since the sick, there is no thought to take care of them again. Although now is the cards against humanity from ebay summer, the garden has some signs of decline. Those delicate, bright flowers seem to run down a lot, surrounded by the surroundin.ile, want to turn the topic, but also sincerely lament. Since the move after this home, at noon basically do not come back to eat, eat in the school cafeteria. Those meals just started to eat can now, but now feel sick to death. So after school at noon, often with Lufthansa, Zhang Ting went to school outside the restaurant to eat, we AA system. My mother raised his hand stroking my supple hair, gently sighed and said early summer, you have grown up, a lot of things I can not control you. Of course you have been very obedient, is a good boy, I do not need to control you. A lot of things, you know the sense of proportion, what to do, what should not do I think even if I do not have to teach, you have long learned Mom I looked at her with little lamb like pathetic, and in the face of my mother I was always the most supple and obedient child, so I heard that she was so disturbed, and asked, I am not where Did not you get angry No, no mother immediately shook his head, you learn good grades, all aspects are also very good.Although the mother in front of outsiders never boast you, but in fact, the heart is proud of you I am flattered and nodded, my heart is very happy. Because the mother said this is the first time, never know before, that she is so proud of.

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