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Pyx-1 Cards Against Humanity I also Ten years of life and death of two vast. Do not think, since memorable. Listen to his voice seems to calm a lot. When he dies, he murmured my name, but when I arrived at the cards against humanity expansion walmart hospital from the school, he had already sent a few steps, and if I had a little faster Maybe I could see his last one. Thousands of miles solitary graves, nowhere desolate. Even if the meeting should not know, dust everywhere, temples like frost. How the nose more and more acid I am not very uncomfortable The sound paused, Shangguan purple Xiaoxuan window, is the dressing. Guy silent, only tears thousands of lines What No psychological preparation I suddenly heard him call his name, really is lost I Who s there Suddenly, a strange voice sounded. And then the rapid pace of footsteps accompanied by a few weak flashlight lights came to our side here. Oh Picking up the team was miserable My heart panic, catch his backpack and run. come out We already know that you are here If you are now out of the words are up to criticize the Seoul, but we personally catch you out of the words, you will be recorded Come out The lights kept searching back and forth around me, and I even felt that those people were not far away from me. Moreover, the footsteps are getting closer to the God One arm turned out, forced me to th.anding here waiting for me Why do you torture yourself But I suddenly realized that I had just revealed that I had been concerned about his fact. I can not go on like this, I have to be more outrageous Only more unfeeling can be broken thoroughly ah, or lingering even let me and him are more painful. So I once again back two steps, opened with his distance, deliberately cold voice said I think, at noon in the river with you clear I know He slowly came to me, a touch of moonlight reflected his deep and stubborn eyes. I just want to confirm one thing Do you really do not love me His eyes looked straight at me, so I did not hide. Even in such a night, even in such a cold air, his eyes are still burning seems to want to melt me, I burned out I can not help the beginning of the whole body heat, hot I was uncomfortable, swollen mind. Really do not love me He is approaching step, tone has been with some aggressive atmosphere. I took a deep breath, nodded hard, did not dare to look at him. Look at me He approached again, approached and stood face to face with me, looked up and looked at me and answered me I have been forced by his no way back, had looked up at him, looking at his handsome, long absence, so familiar but so strange face. I looked at such a count.

t and pecked my brow, my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, my forehead until the whole face so that he kissed him, he looked up and looked at me, eyes laugh Translate I gently said to him promised me, do not go tonight, even for me He looked at me with focus, for a long time, until I could not help but say that he was nodded and said Well, I promise you. Really I was pleasantly surprised. Well, he nodded again, did not want to join them, but afraid they are against you So you are for us for your father and Liu and me, is it I looked at him sadly, know why he was forced to join the triad, why do not he must go. That he was scruples of us So he did it just to protect us You are silly I light hammer chest, his face buried in his generous warm chest, a burst of unspeakable sour. Suddenly I looked up and hurriedly asked him What do you want to do They will not let you He looked at me, eyes some sorrow, but more of a firm. I will leave here, completely leave, let them no longer find me If they already know that I have been away from here, naturally will not find your trouble, because it is useless to use your threat Then he And gently looked at me, for my ears around the ear of the hair In the early summer, I just can not let you I go.e so pyx-1 cards against humanity fascinated, I thought in my heart. When he was close to me, that body sweat immediately let me frown, do not want me to immediately retreated two steps. Very smelly He saw me hide the nose, and some innocent raised his arms and smelled it. That body sweat is actually not smelly, but there is a strange taste, a kind of boys have the taste. This taste is very strong, I do not like. Because I just want to smell will become very uncomfortable, heartbeat began to control the disorder, the body skin will not consciously play some subtle changes, ideas began to clear, my mind do not know what to think. Do not smell ah He smelled and did not smell what taste, so some puzzled. Anyway, it is very unpleasant I am some anxious, do not want to admit that his sweat had a great impact on me. How could I see my pyx-1 cards against humanity game today He wiped his sweat up and down with a towel and concealed his face. Probably because of winning the ball, so very excited, I looked at his face so think, but forget he is a do not care about basketball do not care about the game people. So you chant Or for what Today for the first time you actually than I was late, so I had to wait for you myself I said insincere, do not want to let him know that I really want to see him in the game, Look at his way of playingars, delicate and charming looks really very distressed At least the man next pyx-1 cards against humanity to her on the distressed tightly frowned. I will look pyx-1 cards against humanity back to see the middle of the court that I am standing in the special seat of the young people. He, with handcuffs, head down. He looks very tall and handsome. He has very thick eyebrows, big eyes, high nose and thin cards against humanity expansion pack list lips. His skin is so dark that he just came back from Africa. But I m sure I have not seen him. But why his facial features, his shadow, I always feel very familiar with it Maybe I used to know him, I secretly think, the doctor did not say I forgot all the previous things And then a lawyer looks like people began to ask me questions, but unfortunately, he asked the things I do not know, I can not answer him. So I saw his helpless shaking his head sigh. Then there are some people including the judge also asked me some questions, I still all do not know. Because i really do not know what they are saying. The young man, when I was asked the question, did not move, he looked up and looked at me. There are many strange eyes in the flow of light, waves treacherous, like a wave of waves of waves to sweep me. Whenever he looked at me like this, I would be inexplicable feel heartache, pain pain the body in the tightening, shrink to me almost.

Pyx-1 Cards Against Humanity I pyx-1 cards against humanity looked into a pair of familiar eyes. At this time the eyes of the owner is smiling and watching me, I seem to be able to see from his eyes deep reflection of their own. His warm breath blowing in my face, his brilliant smile near the foot If it s time to stay forever I sigh. Oops I suddenly bowed his head, flush suddenly filled my face. I actually forgot that I was cold. Did not that he ever see the flow of nostrils The How would this be like this I regret my face buried in my palms. Do not you have a cold Is there any other discomfort I m fine I saw him through the window and frowned. He really saw it Really nothing I shook my head gently, slightly biting his lower lip. Although he and the matter of the matter is iron is the fact that iron, but I would like to personally ask him. Or so I can give up on it Are you and Ewen now Window saw him surprised to provoke eyebrows. Did you hear that Yes The news is really fast, really wide Even you do not ask things all day running the school room also know He smiled slightly. it is true He personally admitted Heart of the needle by his fiercely pulled out and fiercely inserted into. Do not you tell me about my parents, or I ll tell you about how you and Song are long. He said with a joke. I and the seniors actually nothing I would like not know how to face him Three years later, after three years later, after I have suffered so much suffering, so much torture after I was not the original that I, how do I have to face him The Not long after, I heard him chase footsteps, the more chase the more recent. And I have not run, so I had to stop and face. Although I do not know how to face. But sooner or later to face, is not it The total to come, it is better to let it now come now. When I stopped, I found that I had gone to the river. This is accompanied by my young age and my mother grew up with the river ah, has brought us how much joy, how many beautiful days, and now only has become a good memory only. This river is no longer the shadow cards against humanity 90s pack review of the year. Several chemical plants in the upper reaches of the past few years continue to discharge wastewater in the river, and many city rubbish are dumped here. So the river has become dirty and dark, the water is still floating all sorts of garbage and dead sheep dead sheep. A stock smell, rancid smell floated from the river, people within 10 meters can not close. The river has long been no fish, and even shrimp do not see one, let alone we caught the kind of big fish that year. There is no old man to the river fishing, no one to the river walk, and here has become inaccessib.

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